Friday, September 14, 2007

The original boys behaving badly

Whenever I hear about rock stars getting up to mischief *cough, cough Pete*, I scoff a bit, because it's all been done before. By Led Zeppelin. Good Lord, I forgot about some of these stories......

Bonzo once dressed as waiter and wheeled Page, stripped naked, covered in whipped cream and perched on a service trolley, into a room full of girls. Page was rumoured to travel with a suitcase full of whips. He favoured Nazi uniforms for his visits to transvestite clubs where he'd take heroin with the drag queens in the washrooms. If things got out of hand he'd be taken back to the hotel and chained to the loo by the tour manager.


On a record-breaking monthlong tour of America in 1978, Cole was asked to hire a motorbike and a 10ft python. The bike, it turned out, was for racing up and down the corridor of the group's hotel in Hollywood's Sunset Strip. And the python? He never found out - the Yellow Pages didn't cover snake-hire.

So instead, one of the band threw a birthday party which kicked off with the screening of porn film of the day, Deep Throat. And, at the
cakecutting, George Harrison - attending with wife Patti - grabbed the top tier and chucked it at Bonham, who retaliated, catching the retreating Beatle square between the shoulders, before shoving the pair into the pool.

Yep, I'm going to have to get out 'Physical Graffiti' ASAP.

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