Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I cannot, for love nor money, acertain why The Stone Roses never broke in the US. (Obviously, am watching my Roses DVD I got for Christmas while writing this).

I realize, of course, that Ian's voice, wavers, shall we say. But the stage presence he has, unfreakingbelieveable. At the Blackpool concert, for the love of God, the man comes out playing with a damn yo-yo. John Squire is one of my favorite guitar players, despite his serious wah-wah pedal issues (Sounds good, just a lot). Reni should be on everyone's lists of best drummers ever. Big sound, 3-piece kit. No room for debate. And my favorite, Mani. Best bassist ever. Seriously. Doesn't do the wanking bass work (Les Claypool, I'm talking to you), is very subtle, but makes the music move along, groove along if you will.

The Roses never breaking here is just another example, of why American taste in music, in my humble opinion, tends to do the impossible, and both suck and blow at the same time.