Saturday, May 27, 2006

The only possible way

that Primal Scream's new single, 'Country Girl,' could kick more ass, would be if you heard it performed live in an outdoor bar in the Deep South, with a whole bunch of Anglophiles who appreciate the Screamers, on a hot, muggy summer evening with a million stars overhead and an ice-cold beer in your hand. The beer should be wrapped in a napkin or a brown paper bag, so the 'sweat' doesn't make your hand overly cold.

Jumping up and down, full of the sheer wonder of being alive, drunk and listening to rock and roll as it should be played. Most of the time. I can just see Joy trying to teach me how to move my upper and lower halves in a relatively-coordinated way (dance) for the millionth time. Poor thing, she's certainly tried.

That's what the song sounds like to me.

It's official

NME is trying to kill me.

Paul Weller is to play a one-off free gig in London. The star will play KOKO in Camden on June 13 as part of the Jack Daniel's JD Set series of shows. Tickets will be fans, lucky competition winners and invited guests.


My favorite drummer-who-sings-ever (only slightly behind my beloved Reni. And Ringo), just got his own 'day' in Woodstock, New York, home to the Big Pink, birthplace to much fantastic music by Dylan and The Band. Oh, and that festival you may have read about.

I'm totally listening to "Ophelia" right now.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Marla Singer IS Bellatrix Lestrange

Ooooo, I am way, way too excited about this! I could totally see Bella as a chain-smoking, big hat and prom dress-wearing scary woman. Though she's obviously more unhinged than Marla. With the whole Death Eater thing and all. And Marla never killed Sirius Black. Stupid Bella.

I really need to quit temporarily confusing actors with the characters they portray. Could lead to trouble in the form of dreams where Tyler Durden blows up the Ministry of Magic as a statement against the bureacratic sector of the magical world. Cool.

Dear God, I really need to shut up now.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Big & dumb rock and roll?

I LOVE big & dumb rock and roll!

On Primal Scream's new album-

The distorted blues of We're Gonna Boogie leaves you reeling with shock: firstly that someone in 2006 has, in all seriousness, called a song We're Gonna Boogie, secondly that the end result is compelling rather than laughable

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I could not be happier at this moment

Great things that happened today:

1. Arrived at Traci's on time to pick her up for road trip
2. Successfully purchased wine for store
3. Did not wreck delivery vehicle on Interstate while driving at rapid speeds with 10 cases of vino in the back
4. Got the following new Brit music mags, Q- with Oasis! on the cover, Uncut- with The! Stone! Roses! on the cover, and the new NME (alas, with Razorlight on the cover)
5. Recieved my B&N order, with the following items-
a. Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures
b. Happy Mondays- Platinum Hits
c. The Jam- The Complete Jam DVD set
6. Remembered Casey Jo's b-day with lovely gift
7. Discovered on aforementioned Mondays' CD an absolutely awesome cover of Stayin' Alive. Yes, That One by the Bee Gees.
8. Am currently watching Young! Wellah! in the 'Town Called Malice' video. Mmmm, mods.

Warsaw's later incarnation

Absolutely fantastic picture of Stephen, Ian, Barney and Hooky. (Since we're on a Joy Division-related digression here...)

via Gawker