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Biffy Clyro

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Hot Air Balloons at Night

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Oh, my mom is going to LOVE this

Scorcese is going to do a biopic about George Harrison. Wow- talk about your must-see films! D'ya suppose he'd consider making a docu about Ringo?

Fresh from his work on the Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones documentaries, Martin Scorsese is set to tackle another mainstay of 60s music with a film about the life and times of the late George Harrison. In addition to his directing role, Scorsese will produce the film alongside Nigel Sinclair and Harrison's widow Olivia.


I never got to know Gianni Versace, but in 1997 I happened to be in New York when there was an exhibition of Versace designs at the Metropolitan Museum, with a big gala after the show. I went with Kate Moss, who was wearing a beautiful old Versace number. It was the most amazing, glittering night out, but the real fun began afterwards,when a few of us went back to the Versace house with Donatella, whom I had never met before. There was me and Kate, and Rupert Everett and Cher, and a guy called Antonio who I think was one of Donatella's cutters, plus a handful of people I didn't know. The Versace house was exactly as I had imagined: impossibly grand and Romanesque. We ended up having a sort of wake for Gianni.

After everybody left, Kate, Donatella, Antonio, Cher and I sat around talking about death and drinking champagne. Kate decided that this should be a real wake and that we all had to sing. I sang an old Irish folk song and Donatella cried. And then Kate turned to Cher and said it was her turn. I've known Cher for many years; I first met her when we appeared on the TV rock show Shindig! in the 60s. She's a wonderful and genuine person, but not exactly spontaneous. So here we were in Nero's Palace, draped over these couches covered with Gianni's leopardskin fabrics, in a vast, marble hall with high, fluted columns, fountains and fresco'd ceilings. And Cher stood up, and my God she looked amazing, plastic surgery or not, and sang Danny Boy. By the time she had finished, we were all sobbing.

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What's mysterious is how the band found a match for his words in their music. Early on we see Peter Hook (Joe Anderson), Stephen Morris (Harry Treadaway) and Bernard Sumner (James Anthony Pearson) decide to form a band after watching the Sex Pistols in Manchester, but once their brief tuneless phase as Warsaw is over, the magnificently strange Gothic of Joy Division seems to derive not from punk – or even from Iggy Pop, David Bowie or Lou Reed – but from the very clangour of the post-industrial North itself. It was surely destiny that the Mancunian impresario Tony Wilson (Craig Parkinson) should have signed them to a label called Factory.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Random ten

1. Henrietta- The Fratellis
2. Breathe (Breathe The Air)- The Shins
3. Reason Is Treason- Kasabian
4. 8 Days A Week- The Libertines
5. Young Folks- Peter, Bjorn and John
6. Sound And Vision- Franz Ferdinand feat. Girls Aloud
7. Foundations- Kate Nash
8. Kowalski- Primal Scream
9. Face For The Radio- The View
10. One More Chance- Candie Payne

11. Power Of Love- Huey Lewis And The News
12. Temptation- Arctic Monkeys feat. Dizzee Rascal

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

'Glitter and Trauma'- Biffy Clyro

Watching Dog

Watching Dog, originally uploaded by Frank Foran.

'Mouthwash'- Kate Nash

Love this girl.....

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'Don't Look Back Into The Sun'- The Libertines

Valdorcia, paesaggio.

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....though this is right up there

When Young Master Turner met Sugababes.

Possibly one of my favorite pictures ever

from the 2006 Q Awards.

Our Kid and Girls Aloud

I cannot WAIT till 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' comes out on DVD. CANNOT WAIT!

iTunes embarassment

This post on The Guardian's online edition touches on something that has perplexed me for some time- exactly how "random" is the shuffle function on iTunes?

I think the randomness is somehow directly tied to how much you are trying to impress persons listening. For example, if I was creating a random ten for the amusement of myself and my friends (who know my musical skeletons), I'd be relaxed, and hysterically-named Kasabian b-sides would pop up. Like 'Lab Twat' or 'Sand Clit.' (actual song titles).

Or this could be another item in the list entitled "Crap I Haven't A Clue About."

Sunday, September 30, 2007