Saturday, September 08, 2007

Portofino Promontory

Portofino Promontory, originally uploaded by Neal1960.

'I Get Along'- The Libertines

My Lord, Carlos is trying to kill us.....

'Pounding'- Doves

Live at Glasto '05. Manchester >The World, indeed.

Freaking spectacular

Great. My team lost to a I-AA school. A I-AA school that two of my siblings graduated from. Fucking wonderful. I'm not answering my damn phone tomorrow.

AMES, Iowa (AP) -- Eric Sanders passed for two touchdowns and ran for another and Northern Iowa kept Iowa State winless under new coach Gene Chizik with a 24-13 victory Saturday night.

Northern Iowa (2-0), a member of the Football Championship Subdivision, looked much stronger and sharper than its Big 12 opponent, which coughed up four turnovers and rarely established any consistency on offense.

And while the outcome won't rock the nation in the manner of Appalachian State's upset of Michigan, it was still satisfying for the Panthers, who ended a five-game losing streak to Iowa State (0-2) in front of the largest crowd ever at ISU, 56,795.

Friday, September 07, 2007


SAINT PATRICK CHURCH, originally uploaded by S C A R F A C E.

'Come Together'- Smokin' Mojo Filters

Sir Paul, Wellah and Big Brother. From the 'War Child' benefit album.

With special appearances by Steves Craddock and White, Carleen Anderson, Linda McCartney and La Moss. Thankfully, the last two aren't part of the recording process.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh dear

Poor Alex.

Love Music, Hate Racism

This is made of awesome......

NME - the LMHR issue. In shops: Wednesday 10th October 2007

The LMHR CD for schools, supported by the NUT, has drawn a fantastic response - with many top artists contributing exclusive tracks (see below). Even better, the NME have now come on board, meaning that the CD will be covermounted on their 13th October issue, and that will be hosting a LMHR minisite where a week after the mag comes out you can download all the tracks alongside information on fighting racism and fascism and on putting on your own LMHR event.

This special edition of the NME will feature a special LMHR-themed cover bringing together Lethal Bizzle, Babyshambles, Bloc Party, Dirty Pretty Things, The View and The Enemy, as well as feature articles about LMHR including a roundtable discussion with the artists on racism, the BNP and music. Schools, colleges and other organisations can order bulk copies of empty LMHR CD sleeves in which your own pick of the tracks can be burned to CD after you’ve downloaded them from the website. The empty sleeves will also act as a flyer for LMHR and will be distributed in schools across the country.

Here’s the 100% confirmed tracklisting, in alphabetical order, with one or two surprises still possible - it’s still tbc which will be on the NME cover CD and which will be exclusive download-only tracks:-

Akala (”Electro Livin’” exclusive track)

Albert Hammond Jr. (”Cartoon Music For Super Heroes”)

Babyshambles (”Stone Me What a Life! - exclusive track from new album sessions)

Billy Bragg (”The Big Lie” exclusive track)

Bloc Party (“Where is Home” - Diplo remix)

Blood Red Shoes (exclusive track from album sessions)

Carbon/Silicon (“The Network’s Going Down”, exclusive track)

The Charlatans (exclusive track)

Dirty Pretty Things (’9 Lives’, exclusive and specially-written track)

Drew McConnell, Seb Rochford, Fionn Regan & Albert Hammond Jr. - ‘Ampersand’ (exclusive)

The Enemy (’Fear Killed The Youth of A Nation’ tiny-indie-release b-side of 1st single)

Johnny Flynn (’Cold Bread’ - exclusive track)

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (exclusive live track from LMHR Glastonbury 2007 show)

Hard Fi (exclusive remix of track from new LP)

Hardkaur (’Hype’, exclusive)

Lethal Bizzle (exclusive remix of “Babylon’s Burning Up The Ghetto”)

Maximo Park (exclusive live track “Nose Bleed”)

Mecca 2 Medina (track TBC)

M.I.A. (track TBC)

Natty (exclusive unreleased track)

Noisettes (’Shame’ – exclusive)

Fionn Regan (’Campaign Button’ - Hidden track on current LP)

Roll Deep (’Racist People” exclusive remix)

Skream (’Chest Boxing’, exclusive track)

Statik (’Summer Nights’ )

The View (“Fireworks and Flowers” - exclusive)

No comment

Veteran rockers The Charlatans gave fans a taste of their forthcoming 10th studio album at a tiny show at London's Cuckoo club.

The View, Klaxons and Carl Barat were at the gig, filmed for Rockworld TV. Singer Tim Burgess told us: "It was mayhem." Mental...

Random ten

1. There She Goes- Babyshambles
2. Sheila, Take A Bow- The Smiths
3. Mocking Bird- The Libertines
4. Slip Inside This House- Primal Scream
5. The Concept- Teenage Fanclub
6. Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson
7. Away From Here- The Enemy
8. Genie In A Bottle- Christina Aguilera
9. I Get Along- The Libertines
10. Stacy's Mom- Fountains Of Wayne

11. Get Lucky- New Young Pony Club
12. Tick Tick Boom- The Hives

Things that could only happen to me (work edition)

Our stereo at work? Complete shit. And I should know- I bought the damn thing in March and paid 45 bucks for it.

My point? The CD player skips like a mother, so I'm forced, FORCED I TELL YOU, to burn discs on a semi-regular basis to listen to when we're working our magic. (this is how I've been able to turn everyone I work with into a Kasabian, Primal Scream, Libertines, The View and Girls Aloud fan)

However, they are currently acting like insane bitches. We were listening to a Roses mix CD that contained 'Elephant Stone,' when I went into the cooler to get some fleurs. I came out of the cooler to find my freaking mom and Jen singing 'Cum On Feel The Noize'* over it. They claim they sound the same. Now, I concede that it is possible they contain some of the same chords (I think everyone from Manchester of a certain age is a Glam fan), but I remain unconvinced.

My question? Are my mom and J on some type of previously undiscovered hallucinogen or am I the insane bitch?


*yes, this is the Oasis cover of the Slade tune. I prefer it to the original. Mainly because Our Kid is much better looking than Noddy Holder. Sue me.

La Moss for Topshop

From the new fall collection.

I must have these-

and this jacket. Wow, that's gorgeous.....

Hmmm, am wondering if Irina will be the face of the fall/winter line....

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Late Afternoon Clouds in Tuscany

Late Afternoon Clouds in Tuscany, originally uploaded by BBMaui.


Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I've obtained 4 songs off Babyshambles upcoming album. (I'll buy the actual copy when it becomes available here in the Colonies)

Verdict? Pete needs to go through a traumatic breakup with a supermodel more often. These songs are FANTASTIC.

'Delivery' is pop perfection, 'There She Goes' is all jazzy and European (sounds like the Exciters 'Tell Him', to me anyway), 'French Dog Blues' is straight rock and 'The Lost Art Of Murder' is simply wonderful.

Buy it when it drops is what I'm saying.


Can't. Stop. Giggling.

Klaxons have certainly being celebrating their Nationwide Mercury
Music Prize win last night (September 4) hard - as it spilled onto breakfast TV this morning.

The band were set to appear on BBC News 24 at 8.30am BST, but turned up at the studio still to drunk to appear, leaving NME's New Music Editor Alex Miller to go on air for them - and according to those who saw it he "wasn't much more sober".

Arriving for the broadcast, the news channel were warned by the BBC's reception they were still merry as they arrived.

Picking our man - who spent the night partying with the band - to go on instead, he "dissed" presenter Kate Silverton's hairdo, saying she looked like she had just got out of bed, before explaining that the band were with him but were too drunk to go on TV.

You've done us proud Alex.

However more fun continued in the green room, with the band member Jamie Reynolds yelling "I've got 20 grand in my pocket," and then kept shouting "there I am" every time a clip of the band appeared on the various news channels being shown while almost falling off his crutches.

Expect a full update when we finally get in touch with our man Miller - actually, if anyone sees him can you let us know?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Flares. In again.

If La Moss is wearing them, then every feature on denim in every fashion/female magazine will be showing flares as the "new, super-flattering trend, guaranteed to improve your sex life, advance your career and ensure super blissful happiness" within 6 months.

So frickin' predictable. This isn't meant to denigrate Kate's* influence whatsoever. However, it doesn't seem like fashion editors try too hard sometimes...

Kate Moss is more or less the leader of fashion trends, especially when it comes to jeans. Love her or hate her, she single-handedly pioneered skinny jeans to the point that we all thought we couldn't live without them.

Now, days before her latest Topshop launch, Ms Moss has been seen sporting flared jeans. Is this possibly a hint of what we might see from her latest collection?

Flared jeans are obviously much easier to wear than skin tight skinny
jeans, especially if (like me) you have hips! The larger flare balances out the shape. These two pairs are available on the high street now for under £30! Flares should be slightly higher waist than you've been used to which makes them more flattering.

*and I'm not just saying this because I bought two pairs of flares recently. Because I saw Katherine wearing them. I'm weak like a kitten.

'Gravity's Rainbow'- Klaxons

The Mercury Prize winners perform on Later...with Jools Holland

This involves so many of my favorite musicians

that I could just cry. From the Raving Reporter blog at the NME online-

It was a long time coming but today we saw a whole new personality leap out of the immoral morass they call Babyshambles.

For Drew Babyshambles is the man behind the Love Music Hate Racism CD which will be appearing on the front of the NME in a few weeks' time.

And today I spent an enlightening few hours in the company of Drew, Kele Okereke, Lethal Bizzle, The View, Tom from The Enemy, Carl Barat and several spokespeople from the Love Music Hate Racism charity to discuss the issues thrown up by the fact that we suddenly have a serious responsibility to challenge the BNP.

The BNP, it turns out, have been making 'rock' CDs and handing them out outside schools in the interest of recruiting young kids to their way of thinking.

The BNP CD is full of hideous 'Oi' music and antiquated folk rubbish, everything they think is likely to appeal to the youth of today.

So there are not enough hats to take off to Drew and the other acts on the LMHR CD for realising that the best way to humiliate these idiots is by out-cooling them at their own game by getting the likes of Bloc Party, Dirty Pretty Things and The Enemy to contribute to a far more credible CD in response.

Anyone reading this blog is intelligent enough to know that racism is beyond idiocy, but what we can't forget is that complacency lets in the extremists, so make your voice heard. Like Drew did. An extremely intelligent man doing what he can.

Inevitably, though, after the serious issues were tackled, drunkeness ensued.

After several pints in a pub near the photographic studio, half of the participants ended up in Carl's car to the Cuckoo Club where The Charlatans were playing a secret set for Alan McGee's Death Disco TV show.

The spirits flowed freely, leading to this writer:

* having a heart to heart with Alan about what a bloody great bloke Tony Wilson was even though I personally never met him.

* necking so much scotch I can barely type right now.

* having a see-who-can-hold-their-hand-in-the-freezing-bucket-of-ice-water-for-the-longest contest with Kyle from The View just after he'd played an incredible cover of The Beatles' 'I've Just Seen A Face' and just before he started leaping around on his chair screaming for The Charlatans to play 'Love Is The Key'.

We may have set the world to rights but my own personal world went oh so wrong...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Gem Archer @ London Shepherd's Bush Empire 7th oct. 2001

J, here's your "boyfriend!"

Mercury Prize

So, who do I think will win? Well, I think the majority of the votes will be split between Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons and Amy Winehouse, leaving the field wide open for anyone else....

Bats For Lashes has the endorsement of Thom Yorke, Fionn Regan the support of Drew McConnell....but I truly think that The View will walk away with the award.

I'm most likely talking ten kinds of shit, but it could happen....

Arctic Monkeys - 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'
Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford - 'Basquiat Strings'
Bat For Lashes - 'Fur And Gold'
Dizzee Rascal - 'Maths And English'
Klaxons - 'Myths Of The Near Future'
Maps - 'We Can Create'
New Young Pony Club - 'Fantastic Playroom'
Fionn Regan - 'The End Of History'
Jamie T - 'Panic Prevention'
The View - 'Hats Off To The Buskers'
Amy Winehouse - 'Back To Black'
The Young Knives - 'Voices Of Animals And Men'

'Denial'- Sugababes

The backing track is so 'Without Me'

via Pop Justice

Baby Shambles @ V Festival 2007

Baby Shambles @ V Festival 2007, originally uploaded by Guy Eppel.

Jersey Live

KASABIAN, originally uploaded by bbcjersey.

He's obviously trying to bloody kill me.