Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hee hee

Mindy is so awesome. This is EXACTLY how I feel about sour candy gummies...

When the concept of Sour met Sweet, it was like when Paul McCartney met John Lennon. Then when Sour and Sweet met Chewy, it was like they ran into Mick Jagger at the post office and had one long jam session. When Sour and Sweet and Chewy met Cherry, it was like the cops came to break up the jam session and the sheriff was Michael Jackson in 1981 and he like moonwalked all over the place.

"Lacroix sweetie, Lacroix"

The clutch from Christian Lacroix-

The inspiration by Klimt-

The Kids Are Alright

Today was the day that the kids attending local proms picked up their flowers from the shop. It was a little after 2 (when we normally close), and we heard someone pull up outside.

A local boy, whose father owns a junkyard, had pulled into the parking lot in a semi. A sparkling clean semi. I mean, that fucker had been waxed, so you just know that's what the kid was driving tonight. He popped in to pick up his flowers, pleased as punch. We tried not to giggle or hug him. It was that cute.

This is why we love prom. I may currently be so exhausted that I just struggled with the spelling of "pleased" for a few moments, but the kids are generally awesome.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes my Spidey senses are right on

Today, in the midst of Prom hell (55 sets of corsages and boutonnieres down, 7 to go), we had a delivery to go to a tiny town to the west of Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop. Upon opening the garage door, I noticed a whole bunch of ominous clouds in the direction I would be driving in. After seeing huge bolts of lightening streak across the sky, I closed the garage door, went inside and announced that I would do the delivery later.

I'm so smart. The town where a tornado touched down in? About 5 miles from where I'd be delivering to...

Vintage Postcard from Paris

Vintage Postcard from Paris, originally uploaded by Kessiye.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random ten

1. Gimme Some Love- Graham Coxon
2. Afraid Not Scared- Ryan Adams
3. Darker- Doves
4. Tomorrow Never Knows- Noel Gallagher
5. The 32nd Of December- Babyshambles
6. Ready For The Floor- Hot Chip
7. Lit Up- Buckcherry
8. Dakota- Stereophonics
9. Cabaret- Liza Minelli
10. Last Nite- Adele

11. Denial- Sugababes
12. Caravan- Van Morrison

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's never a good sign

when my mom begins a conversation with, "Don't freak out." As earlier mentioned, we have a jam-packed schedule for the next 6 weeks at the shop. And now, I have a sense of impending doom about next weekend (two weddings). Why? Also next Saturday, the semi-annual town-wide garage sale.

Oh God, when Mom told me, I screamed in horror. Nearly cried. You have no idea how bad it is. Scads of foul-smelling people descend upon our little village, driving minivans at 2 MPH with the doors open, as to better leap out for the awesome fucking deals on every block. AND one of the weddings is in town, so the setup will be beset with with logistical difficulties.

Also, they come into the shop, walk around, ask stupid questions, use the bathroom, plug the toilet and LEAVE WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING. Thank God I'm setting up the out-of-town wedding...

Hmm... am sensing a potential fanbase clash

Paul Weller and Girls Aloud are to headline shows on the Isle Of Wight this summer.The former leader of The Jam will play Osborne House on July 26, with Girls Aloud following the next day (27).


Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's coat. WANT. Also her flats and trousers. Okay, the whole damn outfit.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


How cute are Miles and Alex?

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed

The schedule at Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop for the next few weeks.

April 20-26- Prom. 60+ corsages and boutonnieres. 70+ tuxedo rentals. Secretaries Day tomorrow.

April 27-May 3- Two weddings, including tux rentals for both. One of the weddings is the daughter of one of our designers.

May 4-May 10- A little holiday you may have heard of. Mother's Day. Our biggest week of the year.

May 11-May 17- Graduation at the local high school. Craziness will ensue.

May 18-24- Wedding

May 24-31- Wedding. Memorial Day.

June 1-7- Wedding.

So, yeah. I'm going to have even less of a life than usual for the next few months. AND it's a virtual certainty, whenever we are incredibly busy, the f-u-n-e-r-a-l work starts to roll in...

And so it begins.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Oasis- 'Step Out'

One of my fav Noel/Stevie Wonder tunes. In fact, my ONLY favorite Noel/Stevie song...

I want to

look like Eva Green when I grow up.

Now THAT'S a diverse lineup

BBC Radio1's Big Weekend

Saturday 10 May - Main Stage
The Fratellis
Scouting For Girls
The Feeling
The Hoosiers

Sunday 11 May - Main Stage
The Kooks
Newton Faulkner
The Enemy
Pigeon Detectives
One Republic

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Devon Jonquils

Devon Jonquils, originally uploaded by RobRoyAus.