Friday, January 05, 2007

Austin Powers IS Keith Moon

'Austin Powers' star Mike Myers has been chosen to play The Who's Keith Moon in a film adaptation of his life.

Myers is set to play the drummer, who died in 1978, in the film 'See Me, Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked For Your Pleasure'.

The film is set to be released in 2009.

The actor was hand picked by Who frontman Roger Daltrey to play the drummer.


Caveat before story-

We are doing an absolutely ginormous wedding this weekend (50+ reception pieces) and a bridal fair, too. So this story might not actually be THAT funny, I just might be mildly hysterical.

My mom and dad are going on vacation at the end of the month to the Dominican Republic. They are very excited, and as upper Midwesterners of German and Swedish descent, a bit concerned about frying up
in the tropical sun like a piece of chicken. So, Mom has started tanning- yes, I know it's terrible, but so is getting 3rd degree burns because you are so very chalk-white.

We were working on the flowers for the aforementioned wedding today when Dad came into the shop. He went over to the sink where Mom was conditioning flowers, and asked her, "What are we doing about tanning?" Meaning, he decided he needed to tan.

To truly get how hysterical this is, you need to know that my dad is a tall, skinny man who drives a cement truck for a living. Tanning. Hee hee.

But, the story's not over yet. Our friend, who is a state trooper, came in shortly after hilarity ensued, and joined the discussion. Dad said, "How do you, uh, know if things are getting burned?" Our trooper buddy responded, "Well, if you smell burning hot dogs, get out of the tanning bed."

I just cried.


Noel Gallagher is hoping to make Oasis' most ambitious album in years when the band reconvene in the studio later this year. Though recently explaining that he had four "great" songs left over from the 'Don't Believe The Truth' sessions, the guitarist has told NME.COM that he has expanded his vision for his band's seventh studio album.

I am sincerely hoping this is a new picture of Noel. The sideburns do not appear to be venturing off into Neil Young-ish territory. Seriously, I adore him, but they were truly horrid. This is a massive improvement.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Random Ten

1. The False Husband- Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
2. Getting Away With It- Electronic
3. What She Said- The Smiths
4. Sea Song- Doves
5. Chiquitita- ABBA
6. Bob's Yer Uncle- Happy Mondays
7. Columbia- Oasis
8. Neighborhood #3- Arcade Fire
9. Anarchy In the U.K.- Sex Pistols
10. The Gene Genie- David Bowie

11. Ride A White Horse- Goldfrapp
12. Movin' On Up- Primal Scream

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Killers for V

The Killers have been announced as one of the headlining acts for this year's V Festival.

The Las Vegas quartet will headline nights at both the Chelmsford and Staffordshire venues in August, and will also play a set at the Princess Diana Memorial gig at Wembley in July.

The news will almost definitely mean the band are out of the running for the Glastonbury headlining slots, which are yet to be announced.

The Killers and Kasabian were rumored to be Glasto headliners. This leaves the field wide open.

I'll take Arctic Monkeys and Scissor Sisters as Headliners #2 and #3 for $5000, Alex.

I'm also betting that second, third and whatever stages will include the following-

"Diamond" Lily Allen
The Kooks
Ian Brown
Franz Ferdinand
Bloc Party
Dirty Pretty Things
Gnarls Barkley
"La" Amy Winehouse

*Potential wild card for headliner? Oasis.

Madge at The Hacienda

Since this is at FAC 51, maybe I'm just hallucinating (how appropriate) Manc music-type people, but I swear that's the Reverend Shaun Ryder turning to the camera and waving about 35 seconds in.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holy crap

Oh my Gawd! At some point, my cat was apparently cloned!

Because, my friends, this kitty cat looks exactly like my little furry buddy, Holden Catfield. (I know, I know). Though Holdy has better eyebrow whisker-action.

AND look at the Killer Rabbit! Crazy world, y'all.

Heh. Euuuuuwwwwwwwww!

Seems like the pseudo-incestuous nastiness of Purity Balls is clear to everyone but the folks that throw them.

via Feministing

Uh, NO!

So, the top four are predictable. I think I'd drop Queen, and add in, take your pick, The Stone Roses, The Jam or The Smiths.

But TAKE THAT?????? Jesus, it isn't just the American public that has crap taste.

Rockers Queen have beaten The Beatles to be crowned greatest British band of all time by BBC Radio 2 listeners.

They pipped the Fab Four in a live contest, trouncing other finalists The Rolling Stones, Oasis and Take That.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Suicide Sally and Johnny Guitar get hitched?

Did they or didn't they? Has the tumultuous, on-off, up-down, controversy-laden relationship of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty finally been transformed into a union of man and wife?

According to reports emerging from Thailand, the pair took vows in a Buddhist ceremony at a villa overlooking the shores of a Phuket beach on New Year's Day.

I'm hoping that Kate has the prenup that Macca SHOULD have gotten. And on that note, here's La Winehouse with Rehab, live on Jools Holland.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Speaking of

the dance, here it is! Yay, Pepto Bismol. When I was still teaching in Houston, and having a bad day, one of my chunky monkey students- great kid, BTW- would do this dance to cheer me up. (I taught the same group of TAG kids for 2 years) Almost always worked. The effect was something like Chunk's truffle shuffle in The Goonies.

Gee, I'm thinking I wasn't cut out for teaching.

Effing Hell!

Bowie's 60?


My favorite commercial. Ever. Well, besides the Pepto Bismol dance.


I feel no sorrow about the death of Saddam Hussein. He was a truly horrible person, who caused much suffering amongst his people. (Though we helped him maintain his strongman position in the 1980s).

However, I worry about the repercussions of the United States invading another country, capturing, and for all intents and purposes, executing their leader, no matter how awful said leader might be. I don't think we should be opening up that particular can of precedent.

Sorry. Will return to the 'vapid' pop culture stuff soon. But this crap pisses me off.

I Think We're Alone Now

I adore Girls Aloud, mainly because of their production team, Xenomania, who try to cram 100 hooks into every piece of pop candy that they produce. And also because the Girls could drink for England.


Fantastic, filthy song.

Ah, but this made me smile

Later civil rights leader and close friend, Reverend Al Sharpton made a special tribute to the Godfather Of Soul explaining that Brown "was the star for the common people. He looked like us and he performed for us."

He then sent out a message to St Peter asking him to "open up the gates of heaven wide because James Brown likes a lot of room to swagger".