Saturday, November 11, 2006


Doesn't La Minogue look fantastic? Good to have you back, Kylie!


Next week, God willing, Mom and I are going to take one of our friends, who has been having a shit year, to see "Borat." Am absolutely dying with anticipation. This just adds to it.

Duped, my ass.

Two fraternity members from a South Carolina university are suing over their appearance in the hit movie "Borat," saying they were duped into making racist and sexist remarks.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Instant Karma, Wellah-style

God, he's attractive.

As if

my crush on Mr. Bond could get any worse- I read this- to which I say: "Fwaaaaaaah, Mr. Craig." Fwaaah, indeed.

Seems like actor Daniel Craig has the hots for one of his female Casino Royale co-stars...

And she's not the new Bond girl.

It's actually his boss M, played by Dame Judi Dench.

Daniel, 38, claimed to have a bit of a soft spot for the actress, 71, despite the slight age difference.

According to the Daily Express he said: "She has the naughtiest eyes in show business.

"She looks you straight in the eye and she is stunning."

Also, is there a more evocative word in the English language than 'naughty?' I think not. Okay, maybe 'dickhead.' Which would definitely not apply here.

Random 10

1. This Is the One- Stone Roses
2. Don't Be Shy- Libertines
3. Pedalpusher- Stereophonics
4. Here To Stay- New Order
5. Almost Forgot Myself- Doves
6. Oh My Gosh- Basement Jaxx
7. Minature Disasters- KT Tunstall
8. Basket Case- Green Day
9. North Country Boy- Charlatans
10. The Doberman- Kasabian

11. Life On Mars- Bowie
12. She Moves In Her Own Way- The Kooks

Thursday, November 09, 2006

To express how I feel,

just a little Dancing Hugh from 'Love, Actually.'

And, is it sacrilege that I prefer the Girls Aloud cover of 'Jump' to the original Pointer Sisters's version? Wait, just answered my own question.....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No sex for you!

In the spirit of the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, maybe there will be a shag Nazi as part of the national plan to encourage adults to abstain from sex outside of marriage.

  • Launching nationwide initiative to end boredom
  • Starting 24-hour hotline they can call anytime the urge to have sex strikes; $2.99 a minute
  • Suggesting that at any moment their parents could walk in
  • Reinstating Prohibition
  • Convincing Al Green to record "No Need To Rush It, Baby"

via Feministing

Martin Hannett turns on the holiday lights

Oh wait, I'm sorry, Andy Serkis turned on the holiday lights on Regent Street, not the late, great Joy Division/ Happy Mondays producer Hannett. Sir Ian McKellen was there, too.

Most people would have gone for the obvious Gollum/Gandalf joke, but hell, I'm not going to miss a chance to bring up my favorite movie ever, 24 Hour Party People.

Roland Mouret at the friggin Gap?

I have GOT to move to the UK. Oh wait, Speaker Pelosi! Speaker Pelosi! Speaker Pelosi! Damn, that feels good to say. But Mouret at the Gap? Man.....

HIGH Street store Gap put the “sold out” signs up today after eager shoppers snapped up posh frocks created by Roland Mouret.

Buyers queued outside shops an hour before opening to get their hands on the designer’s dresses, which went on sale priced between £45 and £78.

A Gap spokeswoman said demand for the tunic and shirt dress designs had been “phenomenal”. She added: “It has been very busy today. Some stores have sold out completely.”

Speaker Pelosi! Speaker Pelosi!

Hit 'em with the freaking chair, Nancy!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What is wrong with this picture?

People's Choice Awards nominations. The stupid. It burns.

Group: Black Eyed Peas, Nickelback, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Pop song: "Hips Don't Lie," Shakira; "Promiscuous," Nelly Furtado; "Stupid Girls," Pink.

I ask you, where the FUCK is Gnarls Barkley in either of these categories? NICKLEBACK? Are you JOKING me?

This brings to mind one of my favorite quotes from possibly my favorite movie ever, 24 Hour Party People:

"You know what the public is in favor of? Public executions."

Casino Royale Trailer

In the spirit of the continuing 007 theme I've got tonight...


I'm Shaken AND Stirred. Jeez Louise!

K Fed? Buh-bye!

I can't improve upon this from GoFugYourself. Snicker.

Letter of Fug: Part WHOO HOOOO



To Kevin: HA HA. I was just waiting until I started to get hot again to file the papers. Check out my cute, post-baby body. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS? Yeah! That's what I'm TALKING ABOUT. It's a CLASSY dress on a HOT BODY and I still have LIKE A LOT MORE DOLLARS THAN YOU DO. So you can SUCK IT. When I told you the other night that I was bringing sexy back, I was NOT kidding, even if you did laugh. Who's laughing now?! (I am.)

I hope you enjoy the case of Pabst I gave you to celebrate your stupid "album" dropping, because that is the LAST THING you are going to get from me EVER. I hope your cornrows all fall out and you trip on your manpris and you break your face and you crash your car.

To Cameron Diaz: Watch yourself.

To the rest of world: YOU'RE WELCOME.



Clicked on iTunes to take my mind off of wanting to slap the crap out of Chris Matthews, and hit shuffle. The first four songs were-

1. American Idiot- Green Day
2. Sound of the Underground- Girls Aloud
3. Bye, Bye Badman- Stone Roses
4. Shoot the Runner- Kasabian

Nice, don't you think? And hopefully a sign of things to come:)


Truer words have never been spoken.

He tosses off perfect quotes in the most casual of circumstances and he’s always gleefully talking shit/propping up some other band.

Also, in the picture, my darling Noel has thankfully gotten rid of his Neil Young-circa- Crazy Horse-looking pork chop sideburns.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sydney Bristow sez vote, bitches.

Or she'll sick Spy Daddy or Mommy on you. Or Sark. Yummy. Okay, so it's JUST Jen Garner. Do your civic duty. VOTE.

La Faithfull, healthfull

Well, thank God. I adore Ms. Marianne.

Singer and actress Marianne Faithfull has made a full recovery from breast cancer, her publicist has said.

Doctors in France diagnosed the disease in September forcing the star to postpone her world tour.

The cancer was found in its "earliest stages", and following surgery last month, the 59-year-old has decided to resume her tour in spring next year.

The star said: "It has been an extraordinary experience and, in many ways, extremely positive. I didn't realise how many true friends I had.

"I feel so lucky and loved and thank everybody for all their good thoughts."

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Rush - Moving Pictures

Oh, but this is good.