Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chelsea Dagger- Glasto 2007

This is possibly the best song to shake your ass to, ever. God Bless The Fratellis.

Mardy Bum- Glasto 2007

You've officially made it when your fans are singing the fucking guitar line to your song.

Also, Helders and I have the same trackie bottoms! But mine aren't tucked in socks....

Dirty Pretty Thing

Good God, I think Carlos is trying to kill us.....
picture by Andrew Kendall

"I don't want to be a skinny bitch anyway"

Diamond Lil, getting down with her bad self at Glasto. God Bless her.

Allen was in a combative mood before she played 'Everything's Just Wonderful'. She said: "This song's about sticking your fingers up at the man- mortgage lenders, poli-fucking-ticians and America in general. I personally get put down by fashion magazine editors. I don't want to be a skinny bitch anyway."

picture by Andrew Kendall

You know....

I do think rainbow sequined unitards, as seen on Lovefoxx CSS, are due a revival.
picture by Andrew Kendall

Friday, June 22, 2007

Diamonds and Dizzee

Again with the fetal position.....

My girl, Casey, and I saw these lads on their first North American tour, and they still had acne. Now they're headlining Glasto. I have a somewhat maternal sense of pride with them... even though I'm (only) 10 years older....

Arctic Monkeys were joined by special guest Dizzee Rascal when they headlined the Glastonbury Festival tonight (June 22)- and they also threw in a surprise cover.

Arctic Monkeys then sprung another surprise on the crowd.

"We liked to play a cover for you, like we said it only happens once, so we want to do something special for you, we're thrilled to be here," explained Turner of the next song which saw producer and Simian Mobile Disco member James Ford join them on the aforementioned organ.

"Shirley Bassey is playing on Sunday, so this one is for Shirley," added the singer as his band launched into her 1971 Bond theme 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

Don't mind me

I'll just be over in the corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, weeping gently...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Thomas looks good! (yes, I know he's a total spaz. But oh so pretty....)

When Noel Gallagher first heard Kasabian, his interest was naturally piqued by their junior-Oasis gobbiness. "I wanted to hear whether they had anything to back it up," he recalled to NME. "Then I heard one of their tunes, and I was like: 'What's he saying there? Is he actually saying 'Oosh!? That's top, that is."

Tonight, Kasabian were oosh-ing all over the place. They were ooshtastic. They're the band who run their ship like a rock'n'roll aerobics class, Tom the thin-trousered instructor, exhorting the hordes to ever-greater heights of merriment.

They've become an essential festival band because they make you pay attention: for the first time, the Pyramid Stage seems entirely taken-up. Tom, Serge and the other ones bring new meaning to the term 'enormous juggernaut hunkering over music like a spaceship poised to destroy the earth'.

Good or bad (and 'The Doberman' is as flat as ever), it's enormous, and absolutely demands your attention.

Across the field, the banners are fluttering, the punters are jiving, and as Tom curls his bicep, makes a fist and thrusts it forward, one word is on his lips: 'Ooosh!'

Best Song: 'LSF', complete with row-row-your-boat-style partitioning of the crowd.

Best Moment: The 375th time that Tom reiterates that 'you fookers' of Glastonbury are 'fookin amazing'

The View! The View! The View Are On Fire!

My Wee The View lads are all grown up.....
Scottish indie pop sensations The View have played the first of their two Glastonbury Festival sets on the Pyramid Stage this morning (June 22).The band got the early morning revellers going, despite the pouring rain, with a string of tracks from their chart-topping debut LP 'Hats Off To The Buskers', including the singles 'Same Jeans', Wasted Little DJs', 'The Don' and set closer 'Superstar Tradesman'

*if you want to see what is all the fuss about The View, read this review from their Dundee! homecoming concert

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random ten

1. You Know I'm No Good- Arctic Monkeys
2. I Want You Back- K.T. Tunstall
3. Panic- The Smiths
4. Do You Wanna Dance- The Ramones
5. British Legion- Kasabian
6. Knock On Wood- Amii Stewart
7. Parklife-Blur
8. Eton Rifles- The Jam
9. A Day In the Life- Carl Barat and Pete Doherty
10. Firestarter- The Prodigy

11. Ramblin' Man- Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
12. Fuck Forever- Babyshambles

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So pretty

Well, Thomas is....

Love Nicky's bootleg Manics t-shirt, though....


Oh, this is sooo cool-

THE ARCTIC MONKEYS have called in legendary punk poet JOHN COOPER CLARKE to write a rhyme for their next single.

The Seventies wordsmith is frontman ALEX TURNER’s hero and a big influence on his work.

The pair met when Alex was 16 after John performed in a Sheffield pub where the young Monkey was working.

It set Alex on his way to becoming one of the best lyricists of his generation.

Now John has contributed a poem to appear on the sleeve of their new single, Fluorescent Adolescent, out next month.

A source said: “Some musicians worship LENNON or THE STONES, but John is Alex’s hero.”

The Brit Box

I own most of the tunes on this box set, but will probably buy it. Sad, I know. I am predictably obsessive.....

'The Brit Box: U.K. Indie, Shoegaze, and Brit Pop Gems of the Last Millennium' is due out on October 2 via Rhino and includes recordings from 1985-2000.

Disc 1

The Smiths -'How Soon Is Now?'
Cocteau Twins -'Lorelei'
Felt -'Primitive Painters'
Shop Assistants -'Somewhere In China'
The Mighty Lemon Drops -'My Biggest Thrill'
The Cure -'Just Like Heaven'
Echo & The Bunnymen -'Lips Like Sugar'
The Jesus And Mary Chain -'April Skies'
Spacemen 3 -'Walkin' With Jesus (Sound Of Confusion)'
The Primitives -'Crash'
The Wonder Stuff -'Unbearable'
The Stone Roses -'She Bangs The Drums'
The Charlatans UK -'The Only One I Know'
Happy Mondays -'Step On'
Primal Scream -'Loaded' [single version]
Inspiral Carpets -'This Is How It Feels'
The Trash Can Sinatras -'Obscurity Knocks'
The La's -'There She Goes'
The Sundays -'Here's Where The Story Ends'

Disc 2
Ride -'Vapour Trail'
Pale Saints -'Sight Of You'
My Bloody Valentine -'Only Shallow'
Lush -'For Love'
The Telescopes -'Flying'
Chapterhouse -'Pearl'
Catherine Wheel -'I Want To Touch You'
Bleach -'Trip & Slide'
Curve -'Coast Is Clear'
Five Thirty -'You'
Moose -'This River Will Never Run Dry'
The Family Cat -'(Thought I'd Died) And Gone To Heaven'
The Dylans -'(Don't Cut Me Down) Mary Quant In Blue'
Thousand Yard Stare -'0-0 A.E.T. (No Score After Extra Time)'
Ned's Atomic Dustbin -'Grey Cell Green'
Birdland -'Shoot You Down'
Manic Street Preachers -'Stay Beautiful'
Teenage Fanclub -'Star Sign'

Disc 3
Suede -'Metal Mickey'
Swervedriver -'Duel' [radio edit]
Eugenius -'Breakfast'
Superstar -'Barfly'
New Order -'Regret'
James -'Laid'
Nick Heyward -'Kite'
The Boo Radleys -'Lazarus'
Saint Etienne -'You're In A Bad Way'
Stereolab -'Wow & Flutter'
Blur -'Tracy Jacks'
Oasis -'Live Forever'
Pulp -'Common People'
These Animal Men -'Speeed King'
Mega City Four -'Wallflower'
Echobelly -'Insomniac'
Gene -'Sleep Well Tonight'
Menswear -'Sleeping In'
Supergrass -'Alright'
Cast -'Alright'
Elastica -'Stutter'

Disc 4
Dodgy -'In A Room'
Ash -'Girl From Mars'
Sleeper -'Sale Of The Century'
Marion -'Sleep'
Kula Shaker -'Tattva'
Ocean Colour Scene -'The Riverboat Song'
Babybird -'You're Gorgeous'
The Bluetones -'Slight Return'
Super Furry Animals -'Something 4 The Weekend'
The Divine Comedy -'Something For The Weekend'
Cornershop -'Brimful Of Asha'
Silver Sun -'Service'
Spiritualized -'Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space'
Mansun -'Wide Open Space'
Hurricane #1 -'Step Into My World'
The Verve -'Lucky Man'
Rialto -'Untouchable'
Catatonia -'Mulder And Scully'
Placebo -'You Don't Care About Us'
Gay Dad -'Oh Jim'

All Glasto, all the time

I'm just picturing myself on Friday and Saturday, clutching a bouquet or corsage in one hand, hitting F5 to refresh the NME's Glasto site with the other.....

Jen and I are totes taking Mom's van to set up for the weddings on Saturday. It has Sirius, and more importantly, BBC Radio1.

Main stage

Friday - Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Fratellis, Bloc Party, Magic Numbers, Amy Winehouse, Gogol Bordello, The Earlies, The View, Adjagas

Saturday - The Killers, The Kooks, Paul Weller, Paolo Nutini, Lily Allen, Dirty Pretty Things, Guillemots, The Pipettes, Seasick Steve, Liz Green

Sunday - The Who, Kaiser Chiefs, Manic Street Preachers, Dame Shirley Bassey, James Morrison, The Marleys, The Waterboys, Corb Lund, National Youth

Other Stage

Friday - Bjork, Arcade Fire, Rufus Wainwright, The Coral, Super Furry Animals, Bright Eyes, The Automatic, Modest Mouse, The Cribs, Reverend and the Makers, Mr Hudson and the Library

Saturday - Iggy and the Stooges, Editors, Maximo Park, Babyshambles, The Klaxons, CSS, Biffy Clyro, The Long Blondes, Brakes, El Presidente, The Swtiches

Sunday - Chemical Brothers, The View, The Go Team, Mika, The Rakes, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly, Cold War Kids, Sunshine Underground, The Enemy, The Holloways, Kharma 45

John Peel Stage

Friday - Hot Chip, Maccabees, Mumm Ra, Jack Penate, The Hold Steady, The New Pornographers, Tokyo Police Club, Good Shoes, The Annuals, Disco Ensemble, Fear of Music, Look Sea Proof

Saturday - The Twang, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly, Patrick Wolf, Bats For Lashes, Pigeon Detectives, Calvin Harris, You Say Party! We Say Die! Holy F***, The Heights, The Rushes, The Hours, Grim Northern Social, Blue Bullet

Sunday - The Gossip, Jamie T, Just Jack, Mark Ronson, Scott Matthews, Young Knives, The Rumble Strips, The Horrors, The Noisettes, Tiny Dancers, Auqalung, Shoot the Moon

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When I'm 64

For the 40th anniversary of 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,' various Brit pop star-type people re-recorded the tracks, with varying degrees of success.

My favorite, other than Peter and Carlos's rendition of 'A Day In the Life,' is Russell Brand's take on 'When I'm 64.'

He's so dirty. The song is so sweet. It's just wonderful.

Thanks, Kazza!
pic via

The Universal- Blur

Sweet Christ, it's Damon Albarn circa 1995. With eyeliner on.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh, fuck right off

I admit, there are quite a few albums that are soooo over-rated. Especially by rock snobs. However, I do not consider the Roses first album to be among those.

So, suck it. Wankers.


When I'm ranting about the sporadic brilliance of one Peter Doherty, this, THIS is what I'm talking about.....

A girl after my heart

Check out The Winehouse's rider for this weekend-

2 bottles of red wine

1 large bottle of vodka

1 bottle of champagne

1 bottle of brandy

1 case of lager

40 Marlboro Lights


3 "good quality" HOT pizzas

Ahhh, I see

the little Klaxon boys have joined in on the Cim and Tarl lovefest.....

The Chavs- a supergroup consisting of members of Klaxons and The Libertines performed a short set tonight (June 19).

The band's first ever gig consisted of a five song set at London's exclusive Cuckoo Club venue.

The group of rotating members included Carl Barat and Gary Powell of The Libertines plus Jamie Reynolds and Steffan Halperin of Klaxons. Lead vocal duties were taken by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans while the group of augmented by Didz Hammond and Anthony Rossomando from Dirty Pretty Things.

Oh my dear sweet Lord

When my dear friend, Queen Bee, failed to acquire tickets for Glasto, despite the best efforts of her girl in the Motherland, she said something to the effect of-

"I just know that Pete and Carlos are going to have some big Libs reunion at Glastonbury, and I'll miss it."

And so, this may come to pass..... Poor baby....
Following Pete Doherty and Carl Barat's first recording session in three years on Friday (June 15), there are now rumours the pair will play another gig together at Glastonbury this weekend.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Buchaille

The Buchaille, originally uploaded by gms.