Saturday, February 04, 2006

OotP news!

Yay! Am so freaking excited! Luna, my girl, Tonks and Bellatrix look just like I thought they should!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Dread Pirate Roberts

Love The Princess Bride, so am totally thrilled when I see references to it.

Also, does anyone else think Pam had her Girls inflated again? Them are some big boobies!

Songs O' the Week

1. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out- The Smiths
2. Sexy Sadie- Weller
3. Red Dress- Sugababes
4. Fake Tales of San Francisco- Arctic Monkeys
5. Since U Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
6. Bye, Bye Badman- The Stone Roses
7. Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division
8. (What's the Story) Morning Glory?- Oasis
9. Twist- Goldfrapp
10. Rebellion (Lies)- The Arcade Fire

Even the papers are cooler

100 years of music. On the London Underground map.

Don't see the Roses on there- may be missing them- but I see my beloved Jam, Oasis, Basement Jaxx, Booker T. and the MG's, Ms. Aretha, The Band, Zeppelin, Stones, Curtis Mayfield, and "Uncle" Willie Nelson.

**my immediate family, i.e. myself, brothers Bart and Z, and our long-suffering mom, have a habit of referring to particularly beloved musicians as "uncle." Hence, Uncles Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Keith Richards, etc.... I get it honestly, in other words.

Ah, Dan, if only I were 14 years younger

What a cutie! Just realized how much older I am than the poor kid. Totally depressed right now. Jesus, Methuselah has nothing on me.

Maybe I've been listening to The Smiths too much tonight. Damn you, Marr and Morrissey. DAMN YOU!

Heh heh heh

Am massively influential. Due to my incessant talking about, and listening to of The Jam over the past few months, the following incident took place. My mom just ran into the basement to tell me that "Town Called Malice" was the song playing in the background, during the preview for The Matador.

My quest for world domination is right on track.

Cygirl, making a rock snot difference, one person at a time.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Keith is a God

Olbermann, not Richards. Though the case could be made for the latter, as well as the former. "Countdown" is a can't-miss, as far as my meglomaniac ass is concerned. And other body parts as well.

Boyfriend brings the snark like Nobody's Business.

Natalie Maines is my hero

Much respect. Also, very much looking forward to the Chicks new album, produced by Rick Rubin.

My friend, Jen, is not funny at all.

Was discussing the "100 Sexiest Men" list at work today, and happened to have an old issue of Q around. Rock snots take our issues to work, hear? So, I was showing my friend and co-worker, Jen, a picture of The Libs, and pointed out Carl. (She knows who Pete is. We live in Iowa, not Antarctica).

Jen then stated, "You're going to hate me." I said, like a flippin' moron, "why?" She then said that Carl resembles Steve Perry. From Journey.

After I finished rolling about laughing, I poured Chlorox into my eyes. Kidding. May I also point out that Jen's smart arse also told me of Prince William's ever-so-slightly thinning hair.

Jen= not funny. (Also kidding).

Goody! Article about Weller

Love him, love him, love him. In an almost non-purient way. Just about....

This makes my head hurt

Somebody needs to slap this guy silly.

"Granted, we must not overreact. And it would probably be an overreaction to firebomb these men's houses. But what they have done is no mistake. It is a calculated strategy."

Moron. If you don't like the idea of the movie, or the persons starring in said movie, here's an idea- freaking ignore it. Don't call the firebombing, however theoretical, of the persons involved homes an "overreaction."

Just make snarky comments via the Internets. Duh!

This is just ridiculous

Jesus, people! Criminals! Big ones! What's so difficult about this?

Further evidence

Oh my dears, I'm afraid the Brits are most certainly cooler than we Colonials. Even their Diocese Spokespersons are hipper.

That being said, Bez as a disciple? I wasn't aware of any maraca-playing disciples, but maybe that was left out in the final draft. You just don't know, do you?

Of course, I'm sitting here, wearing my bathrobe, listening to, shudder, Journey. 5 year-olds are cooler than myself at this moment.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Examples of crackheaded-ness

Okay, cannot stop giggling. I love The Killers and everything, but there is no freakin' way that Brandon Flowers is hotter than Colin Firth. For the love of Pete (Doherty, who is apparently attractive to women who are not my girl, Kate, and who ranks in at #18. Actual crackhead here, people), it's Mr. Darcy!

But back to one of my previous points. The poor confused women of New Woman magazine actually think that Pete is hotter than Prince William. Borderline Sid Vicious v. actual freaking Prince. Ladies, I have yet to see a picture of our poor Mr. Doherty where he isn't sweating like it's July in Houston.

I need to lie down now. My head hurts, though I am strangely happy that Americans aren't the only morons on this earth.


Is what is wrong with American music.

For the love of Christ, they asked Dave Navarro what he thought. DAVE "REALITY SHOW" NAVARRO! Dave "I was actually banned from the Playboy Mansion for life" Navarro.

And to invoke the Big Guy's (Jesus's) name again, John Shanks. Ashlee Simpson's producer. God, why have you forsaken me? (And by me, I mean everyone with ears. Who isn't tone deaf)?

Okay, so they also talked to Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson. But that doesn't cancel out the first two.

Also- Coldplay is nominated in the "Rock" category? The hell is wrong with these people? Rock, my ass. And, if Mariah Freaking Carey beats Gorillaz, everyone in the greater SE Iowa area will be able to hear my gentle weeping. And rending of garments. And nashing of teeth.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Miss you, buddy

Approximately 13 years ago, give or take, my friends, myself and our community, experienced a terrible loss. Our friend, Kelly, was killed in a car accident on the way home from his girlfriend's house.

Whenever I pass the place where Kelly passed from this world into the next, to this day, I cross my fingers in remembrance. It's just a small thing, this knowing that I still remember my friend.

It was my senior year of high school. He was only a year out of school. Great guy. Funny as hell.

Always remember dancing around his mom's place to "Who Made Who" by AC/DC. The girls, sober. The boys, not so much.

Driving on gravel roads, hitting stop signs in his dad's steel-bumpered truck.

Right after his funeral, my girlfriends and I went prom dress shopping. Why? As discussed by Helen Fielding in Bridget Jones's Diary, hysterical displacement activity.

(Though without the drinking sake -under-a-duvet action. And obviously, sans Daniel Cleaver. Or Mark Darcy). I tried on a green- sequinned dress. I didn't get it. I don't remember what the minister said in the sermon. I just remember eating at Big Muddy's. Drinking virgin strawberry daquiri's. (Very appropriate, as we were all virgins).

Trying not to think about why we were in Burlington during a school day.

When someone dies at a young age, one always wonders what the deceased might have done in their life.

The thing is, no one really knows.

It's just left up to the survivors to muddle on, thinking of what might have been, our lives altered, without that bright light, forever covered.

Miss you, buddy.

Uh, Scarlett? Go. For. It.

Girl, Richard Archer is hotter than the hammered-down hinges of hell. You're young! Tap that Brit rock star arse!

And, unlike Josh Hartnett, he either takes care of, or does not have a monobrow.

Not that there's anything wrong with 'big' eyebrows..... Don't worry Noel, I still love you. In a totally non-stalkerish way, of course.


Various deities are conspiring tonight to cheer me up. The following items are on TV:

- Monty Python's Flying Circus
- "There's Something About Mary"
-"National Lampoon's Animal House"

Though "Animal House" is sometimes viewed as a cautionary tale of what not to do in higher education, my friends and myself saw it as a shining example.

Our respective GPA's would reflect this.

I love my beer, Long Island & cough syrup-drinking, chain-smoking, keg-standing, hockey-playing, FAC-ing, shagging on-campus, Welch Avenue Station regular, die-hard Cyclones, Towers-residing, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Billy Joel, Parliament Funkadelic, Rolling Stones, Earth, Wind & Fire-loving friends. Wouldn't trade most of them for anything.

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." I would disagree.

Well, with the 'fat' and 'stupid' parts.

Though one could definitely live with the 'fat,' though not with the 'stupid.'

Monday, January 30, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

Y'all, someone more capable of rational speech than myself needs to contact the nimrods at Yahoo!sports.

You may ask, "why?"

On the Iowa State University Cyclones College Basketball page, they have an article about the University of Iowa Hawkeyes basketball team, beating the Ohio State Buckeyes.


It's not rocket science here, people. Do some freaking research.

Hee hee

I absolutely worship Charles Pierce. The man has a way with the snark, that I truly hope to hold a candle to someday. I really miss his comments on Altercation.

"The last people made such a big deal out of both Holy Mother Church and their personal weaponry wound up having terrible trouble with Saracens."

She almost made it....

Dear Gwyneth,

Congratulations on being pregnant again! You are a wonderful actress, and star in many of my favorite movies. That being said, darling, I am concerned for your safety.

If you keep making snooty comments about large segments of the population in your adopted homeland, I'm afraid you may be greeted at Heathrow with torches and pitchforks the next time you return from abroad.

Seriously. You might want to adjust your pretentious-meter, as I'm afraid it's a bit off.


(Title is referring to the last few paragraphs of the interview)

Hi, Kingsley!

Yes, I know. Movie and book for children. Blah, blah, blah. I do not care. I love Harry Potter.

Well, more specifically, Sirius Black and Draco Malfoy, which would suprise exactly none of my friends, as they know I am a fan of the bad boy. Always have been. All Alan Rickman in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves's" fault.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Two guesses on where I would have preferred to be on this past Saturday night, and the first one doesn't count.

Hint: not The Drake Diner in Burlington with my beloved friend, Traci, drinking overpriced, overly dry Merlot. (When I say "overly dry," I'm talking my friggin' brain shrunk because of water loss-dry. Sahara freaking desert- dry).

Why are the Brits cooler than Americans? WHY? WHY?

Paris Hilton. Not a Genius.

Boy, she really is dumb as a sack of hammers, isn't she?