Friday, December 15, 2006

Random Ten

Let's key up the old iTunes, and see what happens. Okay, that was quite lame, but I really feel I need a segue for these lists.

1. The Man Who Would Be King- The Libertines
2. You Know My Name- Chris Cornell
3. Merry Xmas Everybody- Slade
4. Comfortably Numb- Scissor Sisters
5. Morning Glory- Oasis
6. Wannabe- Spice Girls OH GOD, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?
7. Breathe- The Prodigy
8. Elephant Stone- The Stone Roses
9. Easy- Sugababes
10. Both Sides Now- Joni Mitchell

Friday Night- Lily Allen

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Queen Of Soul

Oh, I'm going to NEED to see this.....Have listened to the music lots, and have actually read the book.

A bitch adores Aretha Franklin, so my ass was beyond excited to hear that her autobiography Aretha: From These Roots is being turned into a musical which will tour America.

Putting On the Ritz

RIP, Mr. Peter Boyle. Did you know that John Lennon (yes, THAT John Lennon) was the best man at Boyle's wedding? I sure didn't. You learn something new every day.

This scene from 'Young Frankenstein' reduces me to helpless giggles every time.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

RS's Songs Of the Year

Can't say I completely agree with this list, but I'm happy to see Gnarls and two of my fav Brits, La Goldfrapp and La Allen, in the top ten.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Velvet Goldmine

Lucky bastards....

Forty years after it was made, The Velvet Underground's first recording has become a financial hit — in cyberspace. Bought for 75 cents four years ago at a Manhattan flea market, the rare recording of music that ended up on the influential New York band's first album, "The Velvet Underground & Nico," sold on eBay for a closing bid of $155,401.

I think the following would go in the "Holy Crap" category-

Warren Hill, a collector from Montreal, bought the record in September 2002 at the flea market, according to an article written by his friend, Eric Isaacson of Mississippi Records in Portland, Ore. in the current issue of Goldmine Magazine.

Isaacson helped Hill decipher the nature of the lucky find.

"We cued it up and were stunned — the first song was not 'Sunday Morning' as on the 'Velvet Underground & Nico' Verve LP, but rather it was 'European Son' — the song that is last on that LP, and it was a version neither of us had ever heard before!" Isaacson wrote.

Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but HELL YEAH!

It's a real challenge to find an actress to take on the role of Vicky Pollard's mother.

Who could fit the bill as having spawned the loathsome teen?

Well, there's one lady who is taking it all in her stride...

Dawn French has donned the tracksuit and trainers to play Vicky's mother Shelley in a two-part festive edition of Little Britain.

Sunday, December 10, 2006