Thursday, February 26, 2009


from the NME awards...

Nic and Sar look Darlin'

And sadly, though Petey (without his usual Catholic bling) won Best Solo Artist, he
didn't bring any of his kitties along. Sad. that.
This made me giggle-

...Oasis, who won best British band. The group's Noel Gallagher triumphed in the best blog category, but was pipped in the hero of the year section by US President Barack Obama.

Random ten

1. Alfie- Lily Allen
2. You Know My Name- Chris Cornell
3. Sufragette City- David Bowie
4. Hometown Glory- Adele
5. Time For Heroes- The Libertines
6. F*ck You- Lily Allen
7. Lost Art Of Murder- BabyShambles
8. All You Need Is Love- The Beatles
9. Hot Fun In the Summertime- Sly & the Family Stone
10. Jack Killed Mom- Jenny Lewis

11. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?- The Clash
12. Strict Machine- Goldfrapp

Cue the sound

of a million fangirls squeeing in 3...2...1....

If you want the really random gossip though, just ask The Mighty Boosh comedian Noel Fielding.

After beating the likes of Gavin and Stacey to Best TV, he explained his experiences over dinner.

"I'm sitting next to Brandon from The Killers so that's quite fun," he said.

"We keep making silly remarks like schoolboys, like we're 13 and laughing. And Pete Doherty just bit my ear really hard for a photo.

We don't know each other that well and we had to be intertwined, and it all got a bit steamy and he bit my ear - Mike Tyson style! Insane."

One of my favorites

from the Oscars- Freida Pinto in John Galliano.

Also, how cute is this?

“I am very clumsy,” confessed Pinto, a 24-year-old who had never made a film before. “Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet have been looking out for me, telling me to relax, but I am not sure whether I can breathe, wave and walk at the same time without falling over.”