Thursday, June 29, 2006


Seriously, I am, at some point, going to think about something that doesn't involve:

1. Bands from the north of England/Scotland
2. My favorite celebrities
3. My actual future, as opposed to my imaginary future, which is fantastic, darling, fantastic
4. Global warming
5. How much 'Riot City Blues' by Primal Scream rules
6. The new Pirates of the Carribean movie
7. Gnarls Barkley

That being said, check out this profile of GB in the Guardian.

Gnarls Barkley befuddled many, and certainly battled the system. Their debut single, Crazy, a disturbing yet danceable account of one man's descent into madness, scuttled straight to No 1 and remained there for nine weeks before the duo had it deleted. At the time, no one knew who Gnarls Barkley was - many thought it was one man, and even when Green and Burton stepped into the limelight they did so in superhero costumes, protecting their identity. Green, formerly of the southern rap troupe Goodie Mob, and an overlooked solo artist (he has won a new solo deal in the wake of Crazy), was responsible for writing the Pussycat Dolls' hit Don't Cha. Burton, meanwhile, is celebrated for stitching together the Beatles' White Album and Jay-Z's Black Album to create The Gray Album. More recently he was drafted in to produce tracks for both Gorillaz and the Rapture's much-anticipated second album. He also works on countless underground hip-hop projects, such as Danger Doom, with the rapper MF Doom, making him the rare artist who appeals to both the experimental music heads and the chart kids.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I am not currently married (well, to anyone not in my imagination:), and do not have children. But when I someday do meet, marry and procreate with the Man of My Dreams, I'd like think that I'd be capable of putting up the 2nd sign on the front door to keep solicitors away.

Goldfrapp, Alison Goldfrapp.

Shaken, not stirred, darling.

IT'S Oh Oh heaven for electronica queen Alison Goldfrapp - she's shaken and stirred after being wooed by James Bond.

We can reveal that Alison and pal Will Gregory have been offered one of the biggest honours in the music biz - to record the new Bond theme.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

But seriously

Does everyone in the world eat better than Americans?

This is from The Guardian- recipes for halftime during World Cup games.

I'm just saying, you're not going to see smoked Haddock with Creme Fraiche, glazed lamb cutlelts, Entrecote steak with cracked pepper sauce or penne rigate with four cheeses on your average USA Today Weekend Superbowl Special menu editions....

God, we are ugly, aren't we?

This should be interesting

Apparently the Screamers aren't playing any big festivals at the end of July, since Bobby is marrying his baby's mama on the 28th.

Besides the obvious reasons, why exactly am I interested?

1. Bobby's baby's mam is closely associated with Alexander F-ing McQueen. I'm assuming her dress will be fantastic.

2. Kate Moss is reading a poem at the wedding.

So, I'm guessing that most people there won't be wearing pressed khakis and coordinates like the wedding I went to last weekend.

Also, there will be more of a chance of "I went to a wedding, and a concert broke out"- type thing happening.

On a somewhat related note, my copy of 'Riot City Blues' will be arriving on Thursday. Sweet!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ah, Tanya....

From the NY Times-

To appreciate what Zoe Lucker manages to pull off in every episode of BBC America's crazy evening soap opera "Footballers' Wives," one need only look at the last scene of the final show of the series's third season. Ms. Lucker's character, Tanya Turner, learns that her unborn child's father may not be Conrad, the handsome bisexual soccer-club team captain she stole from his also-pregnant wife, the Bollywood star Amber. Instead, it turns out that her ogrelike husband, Frank, whom Tanya murdered with a lethal cocktail of Viagra and vigorous sex, could also be the dad. How does she discover this? She is given a videotape of Frank explaining that he poked holes in his condoms.

How could you not love this ridiculous show?

Singletons or not

My friends and I? Are Bridget Jones... The following is from one of my dear married but not-smug married friends-

Today I have eaten four small blueberry pancakes with bacon and a very small portion of eggs (because I have to put on brave face for the kids), a large slice of pizza, two large tumblers of water, half a bag of red hots, 2 slices of cheese toast, and now I am working my way through a bag of flavor blasted goldfish (xtreme cheddar).
This is the reason I should not be left alone in the house by myself with only school work to do.

Response from me-

That's hysterical. I'll write more later, but as I'm EXTREMELY hungover/still drunk, I'm not thinking you want me to write anymore. At this time. Also, the cat is tapdancing on the keyboard.
love from,


Ps- It was Peppermint Patty's brother's wedding yesterday. Spent most of the night lusting after a whippersnapper. No, his name was not Gav.

PSS- you would think that I would know enough to not mix Bud Light and Vodka. You would be wrong.

Something obviously failed us at some point. Developmentally, grammatically, ecumenically.*

*With nods to the Captain, my Captain, Jack Sparrow.