Saturday, September 27, 2008


profile of Jean-Paul Gaultier in the NY Times travel section.

Talking to Mr. Gaultier is like being with your favorite eccentric uncle, the one who bought you liquor in high school — his crystal blue eyes glisten with warmth and pop with curiosity; when he’s very excited, his left pinky twitches. He added, “I love postcard clichés. You have to be a genius to take a good picture of Paris. So many have already been taken.”

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random ten

1. Tempted- Squeeze
2. High Fidelity- Elvis Costello
3. Stop Me- Mark Ronson
4. Pass the Buck- Stereophonics
5. The Cedar Room- Doves
6. Walk On Gilded Splinters- Cher
7. Acid Tongue- Jenny Lewis
8. Dumb Dumb Dumb- Teenage Fanclub
9. Caught In A Moment- Sugababes
10. Since You've Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson

11. Satin Chic- Goldfrapp
12. Tommy Gun- The Clash

Can't argue with this

Mark Ronson's fantasy band. Mmmm, Jamerson. And hell yes to Levon.

Vocals - Stevie Wonder and Steve Winwood
Can I have two? Stevie Wonder is just the most amazing singer of all time so he has to be there. Steve Winwood was for me the first important white soul singer I ever heard and he blew me away. I think they'd work well together but Steve would probably modestly let Stevie take centre stage.

Guitar - Curtis Mayfield

Slash is probably my favourite guitarist but he wouldn't fit in this band very well so I'm going to go with Curtis Mayfield. He's known for his singing but he played soulful blues better than anyone.

Bass - James Jamerson
Jamerson was the original and great Motown session bassist. He created the bass on The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back". I basically rip off all his basslines.

Drums - Levon Helm
He's probably my favourite drummer just for the fact that The Band were so funky for a rock group. So many soul bands sampled the laid back patterns that he produced. On songs such as "Up on Cripple Creek", he played some of the funkiest grooves.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Word of advice

to the local business owner whose business bears their name-

when someone from the Obama/Biden campaign calls you-even if you don't intend to vote for that particular ticket- do not snarl "I won't be voting for THEM," then slam the phone down violently.

NOT a good business move.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

'5 Rebeccas'

New single from The View, featuring brief nudity from an unnamed Wee The View lad and Owen Morris shooting off fireworks in his garden.

I initially thought it was cute indie pop, nothing memorable, then caught myself humming the chorus, oh, 15 TIMES this weekend...


This sounds like such a wonderful evening-

Shelby's strategy on her Dusty covers is akin to the renovation of antique furniture, with the melodramatic orchestrations stripped away to reveal the bare emotional core of each song, whose clean surfaces are then given the thinnest waxing of subtle instrumental tints. "Just a Little Lovin'" is taken slow and soulfully, with several pin drop pauses, silent lacunae requiring Lynne's pitch-perfect re-entry on difficult notes, each of which she nails with assurance. For her final Springfield cover, Lynne asks the audience to sing along with her on "I Only Want To Be With You" but most of us are holding our breath so as not to break the spell cast by her own voice.

Shelby joins the list of "people I would happily listen to sing the phone book," which includes Adele, Corinne Bailey Rae, James Dean Bradfield, Natalie Maines, Jenny Lewis, Alicia Keys and Kelly Jones. In case you wanted to know...


I cannot recommend Jenny Lewis's new album, 'Acid Tongue,' more- it is wonderful. I especially love 'Carpetbagger,' which features Mr. Elvis Costello. I was going to say Mr. Declan MacManus, but I'm not actually a rock snob, I just occasionally play one on the Internet.

Go get it. It's lovely.

Lewis is indie rock's most sharp-elbowed songwriter, a crafter of taut meditations on love, sex and politics that are full of violent emotions and, occasionally, plain old violence.


I hate spiders. I HATE them. And since I live in the country, there are huge amounts of them creeping around this season.


I know, I know- necessary to the food chain, blah blah blah. Don't care. I want them to GO AWAY.

So, last night I set off a "bug bomb" that claimed to kill creepy crawlies for up to a month after use. Operative word here- "claimed."

And again, I know, I know- chemicals bad. But so is my having heart failure when a junior-sized tarantula runs across my foot. (I may be exaggerating a tad here)

What did I just finish doing? Killing a fucking spider. Those lying bastards at Raid have some explaining to do.


Edit- it's two hours later, and what did I just see? My freaking cat chasing a damn spider across the floor. *shakes fist at Raid quality control engineers*

Monday, September 22, 2008

Too cool

The Kooks, Duffy and Beck have recorded tracks for the forthcoming War Child covers album, Heroes.


Sir Paul McCartney said: "The breadth of talent on this project is amazing and it's great that so many people gave their time, energy and support to this initiative.

"I think Duffy's version of Live And Let Die is great too - I was really impressed."

And le sigh...

Former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire has been signed up to design the cover for the new record after creating original artwork for the charity's debut album in 1995.

If I lived to be 300,

and spent every minute of that time attempting to be cool, I still could not be even a fraction as cool as Ronnie Spector.

Where do you go to (my lovely)?

I'm going to the UK. It's the greatest thing in the world. When I was there for the first time, in 1964, that's when I knew I was a star. The Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds were our opening acts. One time, our bus got stuck in fog, so me and Keith Richards went across the street, to a stranger's house. When we knocked on the door I said, "Hi, I'm Ronnie of the Ronettes," and Keith said, "Hi, I'm Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. We're hungry. We don't have any food and our bus can't move because of the fog." The lady said, "Come on in," and gave us a basket of scones and a jug of tea. Today that wouldn't happen.

Holy bodacious actress, Batman!

'Mad Men' actress Christina Hendricks at the Emmys. I say this as a straight woman, but that is a Figure. Yes, I meant to capitalize that. A Figure.


This is my 2000th post, each one more erudite, intelligent and thought-provoking than the last.

Ha ha ha.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Bit in the Telegraph about the costume designer for 'The Duchess' and the new version of 'Brideshead Revisited.'

I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into each costume.