Saturday, June 16, 2007

He's trying to kill me

Oh, God

My family is coming to visit this week. My whiny brother and his equally petulant wife. Eeek.

'Shag anoofer bottle of Chardonnay?

Dior Haute Couture

Ahhh, the return of the supermodel. Nice.

Christian Dior's July 2 couture show is shaping up to be a blockbuster. First came the news that the models have been asked to arrive at the venue—a little place called Versailles—eight hours before showtime. Now we hear that none other than Naomi, Christy, Linda, and Kate will be walking the runway. (The last time John Galliano came close to having that much supermodel superpower on his catwalk was Dior's Fall 2005 couture show—and that season, Christy and Kate were otherwise occupied.) What's more, the fantastic foursome is said to be hosting the house's 60th anniversary after-party. Marie Antoinette, eat your heart out

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Friday, June 15, 2007


First Kasabian, now The View. Does this mean that Christopher Bailey and I have the same taste in rock boys?

Most fashion houses' bi-annual campaigns are about showcasing collections. Burberry's campaigns have become the place to find exciting new talent.

Next season's advertising images are no exception, featuring the brightest British stars from the modelling and music worlds. Burberry discovered the model of the moment, Manchester-born Agyness Deyn, two seasons ago and she takes centre stage once more alongside fellow Brit-models Lily Donaldson, Kiera Gormley and Georgia Frost.

Christopher Bailey, the brand's creative director, has picked members of some of the country's hottest new bands to star alongside the girls, including The Paddingtons who are about to tour with Pete Doherty's band Babyshambles. The View, Larrikin Love and the 23-year-old singer /songwriter Patrick Wolf have also joined the Burberry team this season.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random ten

1. Always On My Mind- Pet Shop Boys
2. For Once In My Life- Stevie Wonder
3. Miss Lucifer-Primal Scream
4. Elizabeth, My Dear- The Stone Roses
5. Push the Button- Sugababes
6. Wild Night- Van Morrison
7. A Certain Romance- Arctic Monkeys
8. Me and Mr. Jones- Amy Winehouse
9. What Katie Did- The Libertines
10. Face For the Radio- The View


11. Queen Bitch- David Bowie
12. Ready To Run- Dixie Chicks

No bitterness here

No sir, none at all...

A new documentary about The Smiths, as told by the band's former rhythm section; Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, is to be released on DVD next month.

"InsideThe Smiths" tells the history of the band, and describes what it was like working with Morrissey and Johnny Marr. Mike Joyce says the reason he and Rourke have spoken for the first time on camera was that: “We wanted people to know what it was really like. It is more truthful than anything we have revealed in interviews before because we were relaxed with how it was done and who was doing it.”

Made of awesome

As much as I love Beckham- fwaaah, David, and as much as I adore the Fratellis-fwaaah Jon, Baz and Mince, this is too cool:

The Fratellis have turned down a chance to record the official song for David Beckham's first game as an LA Galaxy player.The Scots, who were asked to re-record The Beatles' 'Hello Goodbye' for the July football match, reportedly said, "No fucking way," according to Dotmusic."

We've turned down a huge list of ridiculous things like that," said frontman Jon Fratelli. "We're not a bunch of travelling salesmen. If we don't get successful on our own terms then we won't do it at all."He added: "We were like, 'No fucking way.' It would have got us noticed, of course, but we'd have lost our self-respect."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Snowdonia, originally uploaded by Iconoclast!.

Men's Needs- The Cribs

Great song, cracked-out video

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You don't say?

The headline? 'Blair attacks 'feral' media.
This is the picture that accompanied the story.


Monday, June 11, 2007

I can see it

Peter quite frequently looks like he's slid down a chimney, so I guess he's a natural for 'Chim-Chiminey'

Pete Doherty is set to perform 'Chim Chiminey' from the musical 'Mary Poppins'. The one-off will be part of a tribute to the Disney Songbook, which will take place at London's South Bank Centre in June. Along with Doherty, the event will see Disney covers from the likes of The Pogues singer Shane MacGowan, Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Baaba Maal, Ralph Steadman, Beth Orton and Jarvis Cocker.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nicely done!

Way to go, Winehouse! And Keith did my favorite Keef song, 'Slipping Away.' Wonderful, just wonderful.

For the first time in 31 years, The Stones are back at a UK festival. And boy, do they pull out all the stops. Kicking off with fireworks (take that Muse!) it's a big stage show, the works, and in their 15-song set they wow us with the big hits (opener 'Start Me Up', 'Satisfaction', 'Brown Sugar'), a few more obscure (if they can ever be obscure, It's THE STONES) back catalogue numbers ('You Get Me Rocking', 'Rough Justice') - and a couple of special guests.

As we revealed on our blog earlier, the young 'uns got involved. Paolo Nutini came on to duet nobly on a cover of Robert Johnson's 'Love In Vain', while Amy Winehouse got her on her knees to play her part in a simmeringly sexy cover of The Temptations' 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg'.

As is custom at their live dates now, they went out to a tiny stage in the crowd and belted out a few classics, including disco classic 'Miss You' and a euphoric 'Honky Tonk Women'.

The NME is trying to kill me

part of an ongoing series-

They march onstage like they own the field and Muse should be sodding grateful to them for letting them go on last. They've got all the "are you having a good time PLACE NAME?" stadium patter down pat. They have a massive gong. They are Kasabian and a passing punter might think they're the headliners. Tom Meighan has certainly perfected the Liam swagger and the tunes are simply massive from an opening 'Shoot The Runner' through the Serge-sung classic 'Me Plus One' and the horn blasted Big Ballad 'The Doberman', right up to a storming 'LSF' that has the crowd chanting the 'la-la-la' bits right up until Muse. They bang a gong and, fittingly, they get it on.

Best Song: 'Me Plus One'
Best Moment: Tom: "this one's called 'Processed...'! (Checks setlist) Um, '...Beats'!

Update- OH, HELL YES! YouTube is the best!

Skag Trendy

From Radio1's Big Weekend 2006. They are just too cute. And fantastic little musicians!