Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs

This is my fav FM song beside 'Landslide.' Stevie is a goddess.

Yeah, I know. Too adult contemporary for words. I do not care. I love the second incarnation of Fleetwood Mac.

I know all the words to this song, but it makes me cry, so I don't sing along often.

Because I hate fucking up my eye makeup.


Warning- I'm quite whiny.

I'm having a completely shitty week. Why?

*The weather has changed to spring, and my hair has gone from its lovely fall and winter-wavy state to sticking your finger in an electric socket-frizzy. Damn humidity.

*My cat ran in front of me, causing me to stub my toes really badly and now my foot is all swollen. Damn cat.

*No news source on the Internets has up the setlist from the Manchester v. Cancer concert last night. Damn reporters.

*My parents and my aunts and uncles are going through my grandparents things, and deciding who gets what. The only thing, the only fucking thing, that I wanted was a Japanese battle flag that my grandpa acquired, I don't want to know how, in WWII. My fucking cousin, who didn't even go to either of his grandparents funerals, got it instead. Because he was in the military. (not at the time of the funerals- he's the ass, not me)

Big woo. I was a history major. I know, lame, but I really wanted it, and he's a jackass. Damn relatives.

The only bright spot is that while my dad ran distraction on the others, my mom grabbed a ruby ring of Grandma's and the picture that Grandpa took in New Guinea of a woman nursing a piglet. For reals.

Okay, that's over with.

Naptime. It's rainy, and there's very little I love more than rainy afternoon naps.

Well, maybe Carl
Barat and Anthony Rossomondo, but not by much.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I Knew The Bride

I downloaded this song from iTunes last night, and it's been making me crazy. I'm not sure which song it sounds like, but I'm pretty sure that it's "You Never Can Tell" by Chuck Berry.

If anyone knows for sure, please let me know.


Since it's spring.....

springflowers, originally uploaded by Pepsii.

I wore flip-flops today! Huzzah!

Random Ten

1. About You- Teenage Fanclub
2. DARE- Gorillaz
3. Jailbreak- Thin Lizzy
4. Brimful Of Asha- Cornershop
5. Mayday- The Libertines
6. Wasted Little DJs- The View
7. Sister Golden Hair- America
8. Out Of the Sinking- Paul Weller
9. I Knew the Bride- Nick Lowe
10. Long Hot Summer- Girls Aloud

11. The Weight- Aretha Franklin
12. I Am the Resurrection- The Stone Roses
13. Hell's Coming Down- Primal Scream
14. She's My Man- Scissor Sisters

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm not a huge PETA fan (objectifying women in the pursuit of eliminating cruelty to animals- not cool), but this photo of Steven Patrick Morrissey is made of awesome. Nice suit, Mozza.

via Brooklyn Vegan

What. The. Hell?

What the Sam Hell is going on here? How do you replace Hedi Freaking Slimane?

Hedi Slimane is set to leave Dior after power struggles over his trademark. This comes as a bit of a shock, especially after the success of his Pete Doherty-inspired Dior Homme collections. Slimane will be replaced by Belgian designer Kris Van Assche who worked at Dior before launching his own label in 2005. Slimane was in talks with Dior about launching his own label but these talks collapsed after Slimane refused to hand over control of his name to Dior.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gorillaz Demon Days Live- DARE(feat. Shaun Ryder)

God Bless You, Shaun William Ryder. And you, too, Ms. Rosie Wilson.

I'll play, too

Kaz was at home today, bored, and decided to do a "shuffle- quiz thingie." In the spirit of friendship, here's mine....

1. Start up iTunes

How many songs in total? 791

3. Sort by Song Title; What are the first and last songs?
first- $1000 Wedding- Gram Parsons
last- Zither- Doves

4. Sort by Artist; what are the first and last artists?
first-808 State- Pacific State
last- Valerie- The Zutons

5. Sort by Time; what are the first and last songs?
shortest- L'Espirit D' Escalier- Jet 00.23
longest- Amy, Amy, Amy (Outro)- Amy Winehouse 13.16

6. Sort by Album; what are the first and last albums?
first- (What's The Story) Morning Glory- Oasis
last- XTRMNTR- Primal Scream

7. Top 5 Played Songs?
a. (Songs For My) Sugar Spun Sister- The Stone Roses (24 times)
b. Stagger Lee- Lloyd Price (19 times)
c. Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis (14 times)
d. Listen Up!- Oasis (13 times)
e. North Country Boy- Charlatans (11 times)

8. Find “sex” - how many songs show up? 3*

9. Find “love” - how many songs show up? 63

10. Try and put as many letters as you can into the search, with spaces in between each letter, if one letter takes all the selections out, skip it, and continue, until you’ve got as many as possible. What song is left?

Swastika Eyes (Jagz Kooner mix)- Primal Scream- XTRMNTR (bonus track)

What Letters were used?
all but 'p'

*I'm including 'Pornography'- Client Feat. Carlos- in this category. Because they're not talking about Scrabble in the song. Dirty Scrabble, maybe.

Mucca on Dancing With the Stars

The woman formerly known as Lady McCartney did an admirable job this week on DWTS. However, the following comment on the YouTube made me snort Merlot through my nose:

"I hope she's forced to dance to a Beatles song and, on live television, the ghost of John Lennon comes out of heaven and rips her other leg off."

So mean, but my question is, why not George? And isn't Paul allegedly been dead since 1966?


A new documentary on the seminal rock band, Love, will be premiering in select UK movie theaters at the end of April. The film follows the band from their start through 'Forever Changes.'

Quite a few musicians are interviewed in the film, including Bobby and Mani Primal Scream.

Oh My God

Gwynnie- seriously, doll, when it seems like the interview is going well, QUIT WHILE YOU'RE AHEAD!!!!!

GWYNETH Paltrow can't stand seeing women getting drunk.

The Oscar-winner, 34, says: "It's gross, such a bad look." Unless she's indoors with pal Madonna. She adds: "When our children have gone to bed, we drink a glass of wine."

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For the record

Should there ever be an American counterpart to Ms. Kylie Minogue, I think it will be young Hillary Duff.

For example-

1. Began career as a beloved young actress- check
2. Started dating slightly inappropriate boys- check
3. Albums started taking on a Europop, dance-y feel- check
4. Started to realize that the gays* are her core audience- check

So, by this logic, young Hillary will have her gold hotpants or similar featured in an exhibit at the Smithsonian when she hits her 30's.

*not that there's anything wrong with that


Performing 'Vince, The Lovable Stoner,' which is seriously one of my favorite song titles ever.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Dirty Pretty Things @ The Forum

Dirty Pretty Things @ The Forum, originally uploaded by Guy Eppel.

Great piccie of Carlos and Stan.

Noel Gallagher - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Okay, that's it. I can't handle anything else today. It's just too much.

Roses (maybe) reunion, Noel sings my fav Smiths song.... I'm without words.

Doesn't Shaun look good?

Yes, I realize that for most people, looking like this would cause major concern. However, this is the Rev. Ryder, and he does indeed, look well. Seriously.

I'm going to need

this handbag and coat, as shown by the lovely and badass Amy Sacco.

Look at these!

I could potentially afford these flats! Yay, Steve Madden!


I'm getting the impression parties involved were not, shall we say, sober.

Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland's wife was arrested after lighting his clothes on fire outside their home in Toluca Lake, California, police said today (March 26).

Just shoot me

My last hysterical music post of the day. I swear.

Look at this setlist from and article about My Beloved Noel's concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

'(It's Good) To Be Free'
'Talk Tonight'
'Fade Away'
'Cast No Shadow'
'Half The World Away'
'The Importance Of Being Idle'
'Butterfly Collector'
'All You Need Is Love'
'Don't Go Away'
'Listen Up'
'Sad Song'
'Slide Away'
'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'
'Don't Look Back in Anger'
'Married With Children'
'Strawberry Fields Forever'

Oh yeah, it's that The View opened for him. And yes, that's The Jam's 'Butterfly Collector.' And that Weller ca
me out to sing it with his lil' buddy. And it's that 'All You Need Is Love.' Again.....

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

The NME is trying to kill me, part 595

Why not just play 'Sheila, Take A Bow,' and just kill me dead? 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out?' Guh. GUH!

Noel Gallagher played his first ever gig in Russia on Friday night (March 23).

Joined by bandmate Gem Archer, the pair wowed the crowd at Club B1 in Moscow with a semi-acoustic set, reports The Sun.

The set included a cover of The Smiths' 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'.

Meanwhile, the Oasis leader begins a two-night residency at the Royal Albert Hall tonight (March 26).

For full coverage of tonight's show in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust stay tuned to NME.COM.

Meanwhile, the full set from Moscow was:

'(It's Good) To Be Free'
'Talk Tonight'
'Fade Away'
'Cast No Shadow'
'Half The World Away'
'The Importance Of Being Idle'
'Don't Go Away'
'Listen Up'
'Sad Song'
'Slide Away'
'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'
'Don't Look Back in Anger'
'Married With Children'
'Strawberry Fields Forever'

Don't mind me

I'm just going to be sitting in the corner over here, not so quietly losing my mind.

Key members of legendary eighties Manchester band The Stone Roses are to get back together this coming weekend for charity.

Ian Brown and Mani - now with Primal Scream, are to get back together for the Versus Cancer benefit gig, which takes place at the MEN Arena this Friday (30 March).

Event organiser and former Smiths Bass Player Andy Rourke has told Music Week that: "Both Mani and Hooky are going to be doing something with Echo and the Bunnymen, Mani's going to be doing something with Ian Brown, and the grand finale's going to be quite special."

Last year at the Versus Cancer gig, there was an all-star performance of 'W.F.L' by The Mondays as the finale. The statement by Andy could mean that same thing was happening again.

However, it could also mean reunion. And me actually dying of jealousy.

via The Music Slut

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Libertines - Time For Heroes

I'm too wiped out to think, let alone write anything.

So enjoy Carlos with no top on.