Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dove-ish goodness


God, I love this song... Jeez, Jimi has rather nice eyes, doesn't he?


I worship the goddesses of Go Fug Yourself.

Why? This description will have to suffice.

Girl On The Left looks like a distant cousin of Hilary Duff as reimagined by Anne Rice. Second from the left, we have a facial knockoff of Posh Spice (but dressed like Sienna Miller) from the years when she actually ate food that required chewing. Third from the left, we have a copycat Carrie Underwood in an S&M figure-skating costume.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about

I maintain that A&R persons in the U.K. should set up shop in any Northern city. Fish in a barrel.

MANCHESTER and the rest of the north west are top of the pops, a survey reveals.

Yahoo Music discovered that musicians from the north west had more No 1 singles and albums since 2000 than artists from other regions.

Manchester and the rest of the region trounced the opposition, recording a No1 hit for every 115,254 people, compared with one hit per 216,647 people from Greater London and one for every 253,125 from the south east.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Doesn't this sound interesting?

Infamous, the next film about Truman Capote, just got a rave from the Independent's film critic.

And here's another thing that Infamous has. In the opening scene of the film, Truman and Babe Paley are at the El Morocco night club in 1959, listening to a singer, Kitty Dean (Gwyneth Paltrow). She leaps into her number and then falters. She breaks down, slowly recovers, and finishes the song. It is the best thing I have ever seen Paltrow do - and it is for us to judge how far the incident is a model for Infamous.


That is not all. Perry Smith is played by Daniel Craig. I noticed him first as the nasty guy in Road to Perdition. He starred opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia. He was in Steven Spielberg's Munich, as the hard guy in the group. He is - as I'm sure you know - the new James Bond, shortly to star in Casino Royale. He is also due to appear with Nicole Kidman in The Visiting.

And in a year's time, I suspect, it will be taken for granted that he is one of the best screen actors anywhere - and a great part of that will be because of Infamous, where he is as frightening as any killer, as abject as a person without education, and yet as touching as the man Capote was oddly graced by meeting.

God Love Them

This is one of my fav Jam Songs-

The Jam - Man In The Cornershop (Live)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'd be lying if

I didn't admit this made me laugh my ass off.....

Heaven knows what James Blunt is doing closing Saturday night at Wireless, when he could have been at Royal Ascot in a top hat, representing the Hillier-Blount clan.

God bless Caroline Sullivan.

This assessment is somewhat (read- extremely) influenced by the fact that I was forced to at work today, listen to "You're Beautiful" 3 FREAKING TIMES. Utter crap.

Well said

Athenae is the reason that I read every day. Her writing is inspired, and this rant on Barack Obama kissing up to the fundies is particularly so.

You want to have a Democratic conversation about religion, Senator? You want to take the religious question back? You want to use religious imagery in order to give your party some sense of moral force?

Then you have to talk about more than your personal Dashboard Jesus, more than just your own quiet time with the Lord. You want God to be public? Then you take Him public, damn it.

You take Him into the public arena not by quoting His words but by dedicating the party to doing His work and then not mentioning one fucking word about His holy name until somebody touched by your obvious moral values flat-out asks.


Classic Arctics lineup

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This is for Joy

Cpt. Jack Sparrow. Yum, yum.

Nearly all of my friends (and myself, of course) have been in unrequited (obviously) love with Johnny Depp since

'21 Jump Street.'

Yes, I realize this dates us. Ask me if I'm bothered.

Photo by Albert Watson