Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hootenanny! Finale: the Mighty quinn with Ade on trumpet!

That girl can SANG! Also, Sam Moore and Wellah! aren't too bad, either;)

Irish Blood, English Heart

Interesting article in The Independent regarding the massive influence of Irish immigrants on Brit pop culture. When you really think, it is quite staggering.
The Smiths- Steven Patrick Morrissey, Johnny (Maher) Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce

The Brothers Gallagher- Noel Thomas David and William John Paul

Shaun William and Paul Ryder

John Lennon

Johnny (Lydon) Rotten

I mean, look at that list. Some of the most iconic Brit frontmen ever!

Not to mention Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien, whom you may know as Dusty freaking Springfield.

Great bit about Big Brother, too:

Noel Gallagher might be a Mancunian with football blood coursing through his veins but when Oasis were asked to record the "Three Lions" English football anthem seven years ago, he was unequivocal. "When push comes to shove, I'm in the Ireland end," he said. "If I'd done the England song and gone on at Wembley my uncles would have killed me."

Friday, April 20, 2007

An image designed to give me heart failure

Hmm... MySpace community 'Reform The Roses' just posted this image alongside the bulletin title 'RESURRECTION' about fifteen short minutes ago (check out the page + blog entry here).

Most likely nothing (Zomba is probably putting out a new greatest hits package), but I nearly fell off my FOOKING chair when I saw the graphic.

For Christ's Sake

Facing pressure from their fellow students plus city and university officials, the University of Iowa College Republicans on Wednesday canceled a planned game in an Iowa City park that would focus on the illegal immigration issue.


The game, similar to Capture the Flag, would pit two teams representing illegal immigrants and the U.S. Border Patrol competing to cross a dividing line representing the U.S.-Mexico border. The "illegal immigrants" caught crossing the line by the "border patrol" team would then be sent to "jail."

The first announcement of the game, planned as part of a weeklong "coming out" by the College Republicans, generated protests.


Other events for "Conservative Coming Out Week" will honor former Presidents Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan. A Support Our Troops Barbecue will demonstrate backing for President Bush.


1.It's been done. The asshat College Repubs at NYU tried this earlier this year. If you're going to be jackasses, be ORIGINAL jac

2. College Republicans at Iowa? How many is that? 10 people?

3. "Conservative Coming Out Week." They might want to rephrase that.


Are they shitting me? Come the fuck on! I know that we Iowegians don't have many internationally recognizable politico-type people to ch
oose from, but again, they might want to reconsider this one.

Two words- Great Depression.

Why not honor John Wayne? They could get their wank on over the Duke. More so than with Herbert. Because Marion was so manly and all.

5. You know how they could truly support our troops? BY MOTHERFUCKING ENLISTING.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Random ten

1. I Heard It Through The Grapevine- Paul Weller and Amy Winehouse
2. L.S.F. (Live at T In the Park 2005)-
3. One To My Left- Dirty Pretty Things
4. Got Ma Nuts From A
Hippy- The Fratellis
Helter Skelter- Oasis
6. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Live April 2007)- Pete
Doherty and Carl Barat
7. She Comes In The Fall-
Inspiral Carpets
8. See The Day- Dee C. Lee
Parklife- Blur
10. The Weight- Aretha Franklin

11. Medley (Live at
Wembley)- Girls Aloud
12. Gran's For Tea- The View
Lazyitis- Happy Mondays
14. Strange Town- The Jam

Sounds good!

Four stars from The Guardian. My copy has been pre-ordered for some time.

Can't wait for next Tuesday! GO LADS!

Even by the standards of the Arctic Monkeys - a band preoccupied with puncturing expectations, as only people saddled with unrealistic expectations can be - the single that heralds the follow-up to the biggest-selling debut album in British history is a deflating experience.


The same is true of Only Ones Who Know and 505. The former is a touching portrait of a couple in the first flush of fresher's week romance, searching for a party, while the latter discusses how touring plays havoc with one's love life. It's so heartfelt and riven with insecurity that it transcends the dreary genre to which it should by rights belong, that of songs in which rock stars complain about being rock stars. That stuff this mature and thoughtful was written by someone barely 21 years old genuinely gives you pause for thought.

The View - Superstar Tradesman

I love these boys. And if I'm not mistaken, I think the Wasted Little DJs make an appearance here.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Jesus,

I don't ask for a lot, but would you please let "Hot Fuzz" make an appearance in SE Iowa?

With love,

via Anglophenia

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

St Pauls Cathedral Zoomburst, London

Such a cool pic.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


If true, this is an interesting take on the "Tarts and Vicars" party concept, as shown in 'Bridget Jones's Diary.'

I CAN reveal there are going to be dictators on the dancefloor at NOEL GALLAGHER’s 40th birthday mega bash.

The OASIS star is throwing a “tyrants and despots” party where everyone will be kitted out as a ruthless renegade — and he’s going as evil Soviet leader JOSEPH STALIN.

And for Odd, who would, for one, welcome our new Mongol overlord-

Among those expected to be at Noel’s affair in May are KASABIAN — there’s a whisper guitarist SERGE PIZZORNO could go as GENGHIS KHAN


Paintjob, originally uploaded by N/M/A.

Such a lovely picture. Love the stone building.