Saturday, December 30, 2006

Billy Elliot

One of my favorite movies, one of my favorite Jam songs. Besides Strange Town, Dreams of Children, Going Underground, Beat Surrender, Liza Radley, English Rose.....


Daniel. Craig. Good. God. Guuuuh. And let me say, there is no such thing as 'too Northern.' Guh. Must retire to the fainting couch.

For some fans he was too short, too blond, too Northern... yet Daniel Craig's 007 has made him the hottest film star of the year. But before you typecast him, his next role is as the gay convicted killer Perry Smith in the Capote biopic Infamous. Liz Hoggard meets Liverpool's shooting star

Oh yeah!

I'm giving a resounding "HELL, YES" to the Independent television critic's choice for best drama.

Drama Life on Mars

Proof that the dead horse of the cop show could be flogged back into life again.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Darlene? Dave. Dave? Darlene.

Ah, that break at the end where Ms. Love gets happy? Sublime. You know Dave feels it, too.

Jay Thomas on Letterman

This, my friends? Is funnier than hell....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Top Ten

Ooo, good one....

1. F*&k Me Pumps- Amy Winehouse
2. Mersey Paradise- Stone Roses
3. Age Of Consent- New Order
4. Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me Girl- Spinners
5. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- The Crystals
6. Rise- Doves
7. Love the One You're With- Aretha Franklin
8. Long Hot Summer- Style Council
9. The Payback- Mr. James Brown
10. Love Train- O'Jays

11. Respect Yourself- Staples Singers
12. I Wanna Be Sedated- Ramones
13. Elizabeth, My Dear- Stone Roses
14. Stagger Lee- Lloyd Price

Teach Me Tonight

La Winehouse. Lord, that girl can SING.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Big hearts

This just warms my frozen heart.
Scissor Sisters donated money from their recent sold out tour of the UK to a number of specially chosen charities, according to reports.

The New York City pop icons selected 17 different organisations to benefit from the profits made from their arena shows.

The Simon Centre in Glasgow is understood to have been one of the 17 charities that received money, receiving £1,300 from Jake Shears and co.


Ponch, LaToya Jackson (being billed as a singer AND actor), and Jack Freaking Osbourne are taking part in CBS's new duck-out-water reality show, based in Muncie, Indiana. They're cops.

I'm assuming the term 'famous' is being used very loosely here, as well as 'police officer.'

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols, originally uploaded by modena_musicrock.

Merry Christmas, from the Sex Pistols.


God, I'm a weepy fucking mess about this right now. The world just ain't right without the Hardest Working Man In Show Business, Soul Brother #1, etc.....

James Brown singer and songwriter has died today (December 25) at the age of 73 after being admitted to the Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta suffering with pneumonia.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


The Jam

The Jam, originally uploaded by modena_musicrock.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Sadly, this seemed appropriate for the holiday weekend. Happy birthday, Baby Jesus. We're in Bat Country now..... I know, I know, I'm twisted.

Dirty Pretty Things feat. Tim Burgess

My favorite Charlatans song, North Country Boy, performed by Dirty Pretty Things. With added Tim Burgess goodness!