Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beach Nerja, Costa del Sol, Spain

Beach Nerja, Costa del Sol, Spain, originally uploaded by elsa11.

Happy birthday, G!

Today is the birthday of my girl, Casey. Together we have-

1. Drank more than we really should have while watching men's swimming at the Olympics on the teevee
2. Defended our girl, Wendy's, honor with a baseball bat and a shower curtain rod AKA "The Enforcer"
3. Made our guy friends turn off porn at a party by doing color commentary in
4. Gotten yelled at for excessive use of profanity while watching the Iowa State/Iowa basketball game
5. Watched 'Can't Hardly Wait,' 'Office Space,' 'Dazed and Confused,' and 'Bridget Jones's Diary', oh, A THOUSAND TIMES

6. Discussed at length what we would do if we had a trillion dollars

We've cried, laughed until incontinence was imminent, groaned about bastard fuckwittage and other things that dear friends do.

So, darling, happy birthday! MWAAAH!

A new record

When asked to help clean up after dinner tonight, it only took my sister-in-law 3 minutes to develop a raging headache.

It typically takes 5.

She miraculously recovered from said "headache" upon reaching the couch.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random ten

1. Make You Feel My Love- Adele
2. Lust For Life- Iggy Pop
3. Walk Like An Egyptian- The Feeling
4. Small Black Flowers That Grow In the Sky- Manic Street Preachers
5. What Katie Did- The Libertines
6. You're So Vain- Carly Simon
7. Revolution- Jim Sturgess
8. Let's Go Crazy- Prince
9. The Man Who Would Be King- The Libertines
10. Are U That Somebody?- The Gossip

11. New York, New York- The Fratellis
12. Don't Look Back In Anger- Maroon 5

So cool

Ah, the Stones in 1969. In California. Surely nothing horrid could happen...

(and sadly, I initially thought, "why is Richey Edwards in a picture with a young Charlie Watts?")

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great shot

Oh God, I was actually rooting for United today. What's next? The Yankees? The Patriots?

I'm so ashamed.

And I swear, I've not spent the past hour ogling Cristiano Ronaldo's thighs admiring the team's athletic prowess.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On the current playlist

at Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop


These Louboutins are sex on heels.

These Marcs look like my grandma's shoes, circa 1988. They say "vintage glamour," I say "Midwestern grandmother."

Sunday, May 18, 2008


1. Love Dustin Hoffman

2. Love O-Ren Ishii, er, Lucy Liu

3. Love that Jack's tummy is bigger than Angelina's.

This is actually

a cute picture of both of them... but remember, y'all. Crack is whack.


One of my fav celeb couples... congrats, y'all.

Ellen DeGeneres and longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi are jumping at the chance to get married.DeGeneres announced their engagement during a Thursday taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," telling the studio audience the news that the California Supreme Court had struck down state laws against gay marriage."So I would like to say now, for the first time, I am announcing: I am getting married," she said during the show, airing Friday.