Saturday, September 22, 2007


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"It's probably the same for all of those left behind"

Interview with Natalie Curtis about 'Control'-

I was about three when my mum first told me that my father, Ian Curtis - who died when I was one - was a singer, but it just seemed normal, like having an uncle who was a tradesman or whatever. I remember hearing Love Will Tear Us Apart on the radio and realising he was known in some way, but I never thought of him as famous.

Oh the boy's a slag

Young Alex at the Austin City Limits Festival

Well, thank GOD

Reneging on his previous threat, Big Brother did not name his son Genghis or Ghandi.

Donovan, may you have your father's wit and songwriting ability, and your mother's height and eyebrows.

Oasis leader Noel Gallagher has become a father after his partner Sara MacDonald gave birth to a baby boy this morning (September 22).

The 7lb 5oz has been named Donovan Rory MacDonald Gallagher by the couple, according to The Sun.

It is the couple's first child but Gallagher's second after his ex-wife Meg Mathews gave birth to his seven-year-old daughter Anais in 2000. Gallagher split from Mathews in 2000 after a three-year marriage before they divorced in January 2001.

The Oasis leader and his current partner have been together for seven

'Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies'- Biffy Clyro

Oh my. This video. Oh my.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Too funny

So how did the Enemy get to the point where they are considered suitably big names to play awareness-raising gigs for charities (even if Dirty Pretty Things are headlining)? After all, all three members are still only 19. "I think we expected success," says Clarke, who speaks from the heart rather than from a manifesto. He's like an off-message Billy Bragg or a Paul Weller less pernickety about his clothes. "There are a lot of ways of going about success. You can start wearing trendy clothes and getting yourself in magazines or things like that, which I would never do. Or you can just go and gig your arse off, which is the old-fashioned way of doing it. We have pretty much been on tour since October 26 last year. You can prove your worth on the tour circuit."
"We turned up to an HMV signing ,and we walked in and the manager goes, 'There's a policeman in the dressing room waiting to see you,'" says Clarke. "I thought, 'What the fuck have we done?' So we walk in and there is this copper there and he takes his hat off and says: 'I was at the Leicester gig last night, I was crowd surfing.'"

"He's got a few lads at work wearing the Enemy badges," adds Hopkins. "They're wearing them underneath their police badges."
In the event that the Enemy find themselves back in Pentonville for all the wrong reasons, at least they'll have a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random ten

1. Thieves Like Us- New Order
2. Brianstorm- Arctic Monkeys
3. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now- The Smiths
4. Scary Mary- Biffy Clyro
5. Alfie- Lily Allen
6. The Ghetto- Donny Hathaway
7. Apply Some Pressure- Maximo Park
8. Stay Away From the Brown Acid- Kasabian
9. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor- Sugababes
10. Baddies Boogie- Babyshambles

11. If I Fall You're Going Down With Me- Dixie Chicks
12. Tumbling Dice- Linda Ronstadt

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I think this could be one of my favorite pictures, ever.

Casamento Escoces

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LDN Fashion Week- Paul Smith

Ooooh, I LOVE the blazer that Lily Cole is wearing! Paul IS a Mod. Where's the scooter? Or by looking at Ms. Cole's specs, the broom?

40 years of Radio1

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of BBC's Radio1, various artists have re-recorded one song from each year of the station's existence. Am very excited about hearing the following covers-

'Cupid' by Johnny Nash
Covered by Amy Winehouse

'Lola' by The Kinks
Covered by Robbie Williams

‘Sound & Vision’ by David Bowie
Covered by Franz Ferdinand*

‘Too Much Too Young’ by The Specials
Covered by Kasabian**

‘You Sexy Thing’ by Hot Chocolate
Covered by Stereophonics***

‘Lullaby’ by the Cure
Covered by Editors

‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreet
Covered by Klaxons****

‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus
Covered by Girls Aloud

‘Don't Look Back Into The Sun’ by The Libertines
Covered by The View*****

*and this isn't just because I know that Girls Aloud did the backing vocals

**er, this could be INTERESTING

***As Kelly Jones is a wee sexy thing- very appropriate

****Holy hell, do I want to hear this! Please, let it have sirens.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

'Northern Lights'

This is excellent- a rolling interview of sorts with all the parties involved with 'Control.'

Steven Morris cannot believe it. When he talks about what he's lived through as a simple, dedicated drummer, first for Joy Division, then for New Order, he can start to sound like a post-punk Victor Meldew, increasingly indignant at the chaos that unfolded all around him mainly because he found himself, through no real fault of his own, a Factory Records recording star.

Don't get him started on the Hacienda, the Manchester nightclub his two groups helped finance, early in the Eighties, for up to £10,000 a month, where he never got a free drink in eight years. He still hasn't really recovered from the time 27 years ago when Ian Curtis, his 23-year-old Macclesfield friend, and the singer in his band, killed himself the day before Joy Division were due to start their first American tour.

Both his producer, Martin Hannett, and his manager, Rob Gretton, died in the Nineties, and now, would you credit it, the immortal-seeming Tony Wilson, boss of his record company, the crusading mouth of Manchester, has joined his comrades in the great Factory in the sky.

As I've been saying

that the tracks off the new Babyshambles album , 'Shotter's Nation,' are quite good and even brilliant, it's nice to see it get a 5-star review from the incurable rock snobs at The Guardian.

He couldn't have timed it better. The 'Pete Doherty gets it together' album arrives just as his position as Britain's favourite pop fuck-up has been definitively usurped by Amy Winehouse. This means that the second Babyshambles album, the oddly named Shotter's Nation, gets to our ears as an actual piece of music and carrying less media baggage than it would have at any time in the past three years.

Not that it is baggage-free. Shotter's Nation is about smack, crack, Kate Moss, tabloid infamy, junkies and their flunkies, and what we think we know about Peter Doherty, as it has to be. It's also about love, loss, the British urban landscape, laughing at yourself, great guitars, exciting chord changes, tight rhythms, the Stones-Who-Kinks-(Small)
Faces-Clash-Jam-Smiths-Happy Mondays-Stone Roses-Oasis-Blur history of Britrock, rich, simple production, songs with layers, a really good band and a singer who has relocated his voice.