Saturday, January 19, 2008

Three Shire Heads (Winter Ver.)

Three Shire Heads (Winter Ver.), originally uploaded by Jonnyfez.

I love the running water, as well as the moss and the lichens in the background....

Friday, January 18, 2008

This week's sign that the Apocalypse is upon us

As previously mentioned, my mom has satellite radio in her car. The following is an actual conversation-

Mom- "Hey, I think I heard that rapper from that YouTube clip that you made me watch."

Me- "Huh?"

Mom- "The one where Peter was rapping."*

Me- "Derek B?"

Mom- "Yeah, the one where your boy was laughing...."

*yes, my mom refers to Peter as, er, Peter. I've only talked incessantly about The Libs and the 'Shambles for the past 4 months...

'No One'- Alicia Keys

I want to look like Ms. Alicia when I finally grow up. That is all.

*rolls eyes*

Oh, for the love of Pete....

Fed up with the orgy of mindless violence and sewer-mouthed profanity that passes these days for your average family film? Scared to take your kids to the flicks in case they have to sit through naked cartoon animals and rude words like "ass"? Fear not! A variety of parental and religious websites have sprung up, telling you exactly what offensive material you will encounter. Which means innocently stumbling into a screening of Cannibal Holocaust II with little Johnny will be a thing of the past. It also means that pretty much every film ever made apart from Stuart Little is a no-go. So, can you guess the films from their warnings?


"...The main character is shown consuming fancy alcoholic drinks and usually drives in a reckless manner."*

*'Casino Royale'

Borrowdale, Lake District

Borrowdale, Lake District, originally uploaded by craig_352.

The shades of green are just incredible- from emerald to chartreuse to absinthe...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snowdonia National Park - North Wales 2002

The light. THE LIGHT.

In one of the rare instances

that I disagree with the GoFug girls, I must say- I adore La Moss's outfit. It's her birthday. Let the woman wear what she wants. She looks cute. Cute, not sulky or pouty or like she's attempting to sing.


Random ten

1. Some Velvet Morning- Primal Scream
2. You're Not Alone- The Enemy
3. Raspberry Beret- Prince
4. Mayday- The Libertines
5. Dedicated To The One I Love- The Mamas And The Papas
6. Town Called Malice- The Jam
7. Melt Your Heart- Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins
8. 505- Arctic Monkeys
9. Guilty In Here- Miranda Lambert
10. Barely Legal- The Strokes

11. Fuel- Metallica
12. Clementine-Babyshambles

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


GUITAR HERO: After thrusting Mikhail Gorbachev into the fashion spotlight with its award-winning "core values" campaign, it looks like Louis Vuitton has gone casting in the world of rock 'n' roll for its next personality. Rumor has it Keith Richards, the legendary guitarist and Rolling Stone, recently posed for Vuitton spots during a shoot in New York.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Babyshambles @ Olympia, Paris | 14.01.2008

Mmmmmmm. I have nothing more coherent than this to add. Mmmmm.


'Fast Fuse' is on the new album! WOO! And may I say, Sergio looks FINE in that hat. Boy does love his hats. However, Thomas needs to get his hair 'Cutt Off.' You see what I did there? Am impressed with own cleverness.

Captain, my captain

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has paid tribute to the London hospital that saved his daughter's life - by donating a massive £1 million out of his own pocket.

Okay, that's wonderful enough- but this makes it truly squee-worthy... November the actor had his Jack Sparrow costume flown over from LA specially, so he could treat the young patients to bedtime stories dressed as his popular Pirates Of The Caribbean character.

Oh, I'm going to NEED this

Monday, January 14, 2008

Babyshambles @ Olympia, Paris | 14.01.2008

Nice shoes, Peter...

"Gift-wrapped kitty cats"

Brit Award noms came out today- my beloved Girls Aloud are nominated in the best British Group* category. YAY!

So here's some 'Love Machine'...

*where are the 'Shambles, though, dammit?!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The smart money is on

Hova, since Kanye hails from Chi-town.

Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis says he has booked "a black American headliner" in an attempt to attract a younger audience to this year's festival. The annual music event's line-up is traditionally kept under wraps until the gates open, so fans won't find out who the artist is until June.


Michael Eavis has hinted his headliner hails from New York, which would make Jay-Z a frontrunner.


Well, there's a first time for everything.... am guessing he mentioned 9/11.

Bradenton, FL — Is Florida “Rudy Country?” He better hope so since he is staking his entire candidacy on the Sunshine State. And, given the crowd Giuliani drew Saturday at a central Florida town hall meeting, maybe the campaign’s new Sunshine State motto is accurate. A standing room-only crowd of nearly 800 residents gathered today in Bradenton to hear the former NYC mayor talk taxes and terrorism.

May I just point out

that I am "friends" on MySpace with all parties in this pic? Oh yeah, I'm hot like that.

*raises eyebrows in a (hopefully) cool manner*


Young Master Turner at the Lancashire Cricket Grounds