Saturday, September 15, 2007

Still more game day

ISU's quarterback, Bret Meyer, of Atlantic, Iowa, walks through a crowd of 24 hour party people after the game.

The game which Iowa State won, 15-13. In case you missed that. We beat the Hawkeyes. Again.

Ames is going to be freaking Sodom and Gomorrah tonight. So, a typical Saturday night.

For obvious reasons,

I was looking for a picture of the Cy-Hawk trophy, and found this piece of shite.

Seriously, Mr. Dude Who Wrote This Article- proofreading. Look into it. (my comments in red)

The Cy-Hawk trophy winner is based on a points system. The winner of contests between each school earns a point towards the trophy. The winner of the football contest gets two points. The trophy was first introduced in 1977 to coincide with the revival of the football rivalry. Iowa holds the edge in keeping the trophy in Iowa City by a 19-10 margin. Now let's get to the important, (Important????) like why this trophy sucks.

Name: Cy-Hawk? I am racking my brains trying to figure out what three year old came up with this name. Anything in relation to a team that is named Cyclone (Oh for Christ's Sake) and has a bird name (try "named," stud) Cy for it's mascot has no business being replicated in full or partial form on anything, much less a college football trophy. (Oh, go fuck off)

History: Or should I say lack of it. Most trophy's (Jesus, this asshole is trying to raise my blood pressure) in college football have some sort of significance or a cool story (seriously, man- "cool story?") behind it. Many have been around for most of this century. (Good God, is Jonah Goldberg writing this? That's just lazy) This trophy was made up simply for the sake of having a big piece of metal to put in a case. (Maybe I'm just a dumb girl Cyclone, but I kind of thought that was trophies *were* "big piece(s) of metal to put in a case." Silly me)

Identity: It has a wannabe Heisman guy figurine, a football figurine, (Hello, redundant) as well as an engraved Herky, and dumb bird on it (try Cy the Cyclone, dickweed. And if Cy is a "dumb bird," then what the fuck is fucking Herky?) . How about something that represents the state? One look and all you can say is, what the Hell is that? (No, really- dude was PAID for writing this?) Also, why does a trophy that represents the winner of multiple sports have a football player on it? I think the volleyball teams may be offended. (Seriously, fuck off )

Sponsorship: Does this make sense? The hyphenated Hy-Vee (don't knock Hy-Vee, fool) grocery store sponsoring an already hyphenated trophy adds to many hyphens to four words that should never be hyphenated. (If I never see the word "hyphen" again, it will be too soon) Perhaps Hy-Vee should sponsor a third tier bowl game in Boise instead. (No really, go Cheney yourself)

With that said, it is still a trophy the fans want back, no matter it's level of suckitude. (*eyes roll back in head*)

I'm starting to channel Samuel L. Jackson here, but YOU HAVE GOT TO BE MOTHERFUCKING KIDDING ME. What a wanker.


*runs around screaming*

IOWA STATE WINS! SUCK ON IT, HAWKEYES! The Evil Empire- vanquished! God or Whomever Bless Bret Culbertson.

AMES, Iowa (AP) -- Iowa State kicker Bret Culbertson tied a school record with five field goals, the final a 28-yarder with 1 second left, and the Cyclones upset Iowa 15-13 Saturday for coach Gene Chizik's first win.

The victory was Iowa State's fourth in five tries at home against the Hawkeyes (2-1). The Cyclones (1-2) have taken seven of the last 10 from their in-state rival.

Will resume normal music fangirl posting as soon as I calm the fuck down..... The important question is-which Hawkeye fans can I call and taunt? Like any of them will answer their phones.....

*resumes screaming and running in circles*

Friday, September 14, 2007

'Call Me'- Blondie

This performance of 'Call Me' on the Muppet Show in 1981? One of my first musical memories. Besides listening to 'Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me Girl' by The Spinners on the car radio, on the trip back from Chicago in 1979, that is.

The Muppet Show and Monty Python's Flying Circus were part of my weekend AM routine. That and Sunday School. Guess which "took" more?

The original boys behaving badly

Whenever I hear about rock stars getting up to mischief *cough, cough Pete*, I scoff a bit, because it's all been done before. By Led Zeppelin. Good Lord, I forgot about some of these stories......

Bonzo once dressed as waiter and wheeled Page, stripped naked, covered in whipped cream and perched on a service trolley, into a room full of girls. Page was rumoured to travel with a suitcase full of whips. He favoured Nazi uniforms for his visits to transvestite clubs where he'd take heroin with the drag queens in the washrooms. If things got out of hand he'd be taken back to the hotel and chained to the loo by the tour manager.


On a record-breaking monthlong tour of America in 1978, Cole was asked to hire a motorbike and a 10ft python. The bike, it turned out, was for racing up and down the corridor of the group's hotel in Hollywood's Sunset Strip. And the python? He never found out - the Yellow Pages didn't cover snake-hire.

So instead, one of the band threw a birthday party which kicked off with the screening of porn film of the day, Deep Throat. And, at the
cakecutting, George Harrison - attending with wife Patti - grabbed the top tier and chucked it at Bonham, who retaliated, catching the retreating Beatle square between the shoulders, before shoving the pair into the pool.

Yep, I'm going to have to get out 'Physical Graffiti' ASAP.

'Glitter and Trauma'- Biffy Clyro (Live at Reading)

I may have a teensy, tiny problem. Thanks, QB.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random ten

The I-swear-I-didn't-cheat-edition

1. Call Me- Blondie
2. I Wanna Be Adored- The Stone Roses
3. The Masterplan- Oasis
4. Superstar- Bette Midler
5. Atlantis To Interzone- Klaxons
6. Country Girl/Rocks- Primal Scream feat. Mick Jones & Pete Reilly(live @the NME awards)
7. Who's Got A Match?- Biffy Clyro
8. I Was Made To Love Her- Stevie Wonder
9. My Way- Aretha Franklin
10. Superstar Tradesman- The View

11. By Tomorrow- Candie Payne
12. The Boy Looked At Johnny- The Libertines

Regarding the MTV Music Awards

There are certain artists that should only be enjoyed in a recorded format. Britney Spears is one of them. Her voice is thin at best, and best heard on her brilliantly produced albums. Love Max Martin. (Yes, I'm a production nerd)

Her performance was a complete trainwreck from start to finish- she looked like a deer in the headlights....

However, if I hear one more person call her fat, I will rain down hellfire upon them. Shit, I wish I was that "chubby."

And what Rebecca Traister said......



The nominees for the Q Awards on October 8 were announced this AM, and my, oh my, did my bands do well! Two guesses who I'm voting for in the Live Act category, and the first one doesn't count.....

Full List of Nominations

Best New Act:
The Enemy
Cherry Ghost
The Pigeon Detectives
The View

Best Track:
Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights
Athlete - Hurricane
Muse - Knights Of Cydonia

Best Breakthrough Artist:
Kate Nash
Jack Penate
Jamie T
Calvin Harris

Best Video:
Lily Allen - Alfie
The White Stripes - Icky Thump
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
Bjork - Earth Intruders
The Killers - Bones

Best Live Act:
Arcade Fire
The Killers
Arctic Monkeys

Best Album:
Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry Mob
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers

Best Act In The World Today:
The Killers
Arctic Monkeys
Foo Fighters

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How was I unaware of this?

Alex James has a video diary on The Guardian's website? In which he talks about cheese? Because that is AWESOME.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sometimes my digital subscription just doesn't cut the mustard

Tomorrow's NME? Has Babyshambles new single on vinyl with it, a week before the actual release date of 'Delivery.'

Not available for those with digital subscriptions.....

Argh! To the eBay!

Hello Drew! *pets the pretty bassist*

I am frickin' old

Lord. I was out delivering a few floral arrangements just about the time that my town's high school let out for the day.

So there were a few dodgy drivers about, let's just say. I myself was an excellent driver as a teenager. Snicker.

I was minding my own business, driving along, listening to 'Death On The Stairs' for the MILLIONTH time this week, when I was nearly rear-ended by a car full of teenagers.

Your point, Cy?

I think I may have actually shook a fist at them. And may have yelled something like "Damn kids!" Then I kind of wanted to die. Because I was about 2 seconds from shouting "AND YOUR ROCK AND ROLL!"

To make myself feel less ancient tonight, I'm painting my fingernails silver. And listening to The Libs. Again. How this is postponing my downward slide into the geriatric ward, I have no idea. But however decrepit I am, I can still appreciate Carlos in a vest.

'Fast Fuse'- live in Glasgow

My Lord, the amount of fangirling I've done over this song.....

Electric Proms lineup

Sounds like some spectacular shows in October.....

* Agaskodo Teliverek
* Alasdair Roberts (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)

* Basquiat Strings
* BBC Concert Orchestra (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* The Beatles (film - The Beatles: Help!)
* Ben Westbeech
* Beth Orton (appearing with The Chemical Brothers)
* Bishi
* Blanche
* Bob Dylan (film - The Other Side of the Mirror)

* Candie Payne (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* The Chemical Brothers
* Charlie Louvin
* The Crouch End Chorus (appearing with Ray Davies)
* Cold War Kids
* The Coral

* Daft Punk (film - Electroma)
* Daler Mehndi (appearing with The Wolfmen)
* David Arnold (appearing with Kaiser Chiefs)
* Duke Special

* Editors
* Eliza Carthy (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)
* Ellery Eskelin (appearing with Basquiat Strings)
* The Enemy
* Estelle

* The Flaming Lips (film - UFOs at the Zoo)

* Ghetto

* Hadouken
* The Handsome Family (appearing with Charlie Louvin)

* James Yorkson (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)
* Jamie Cullum (appearing with SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS)
* Justice

* Kaiser Chiefs (appearing with David Arnold)
* Kano
* Kathryn Williams (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)

* Lily Allen (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* Lisa Knapp (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)

* Mark Collins (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* Mark Ronson
* Martin Carthy (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)
* Marry Gilhooley (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)
* The Metros
* Mike Waterson (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)

* New Cassettes
* Norma Waterson (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)

* Oliver Knight (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)

* Paul McCartney
* Paul Weller (appearing with Mark Ronson)

* Radio Luxembourg
* Ray Davies
* Reverend and the Makers
* The Riff Raff (appearing with Riz MC)
* Riz MC (appearing with The Riff Raff)

* Sam Isaac
* Santo Gold (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* Sean Lennon (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* Seb Rochford (appearing with Basquiat Strings)
* Sigur Rós (film and performance)
* Simon H. Fell (appearing with Basquiat Strings)
* Siouxsie Sioux
* SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS (appearing with Jamie Cullum)

* Terry Hall (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* Tim Burgess (appearing with Mark Ronson)
* Tim Van Eyken (appearing at the Lal Waterson tribute)

* Willy Mason (appearing with The Chemical Brothers)
* The Wolfmen (appearing with Daler Mehndi)

Monday, September 10, 2007

I am going to need this

Paul Weller is to release an expanded version of his 1993 album 'Wild Wood'.

The new version is out on October 29, and will feature demo tracks and radio session songs, as well as B-sides from the period. The 2CD set will, as well as the original album, feature 15 previously unreleased demo versions of the album tracks and three BBC radio session recordings. The reissue will also include a 32-page booklet and will come in deluxe digipack packaging.

Without any exaggeration whatsoever, I have listened to 'Hung Up' off this album about 500 times. It is GORGEOUS. Hear it for yourself......

So Cool

This sounds about a million times more fun than attending the VMAs. Though it would have been amusing to watch the Kid Rock/Tommy Lee slap-fight.....

Did Britney do her thing?,” Dave Grohl asked the crowd in suite 26213. “Did she do it? Did she make it? It’s done? She did it? So what!” High above the VMA ceremony, Britney’s medicated performance was the last thing on the minds of the fifty-odd lucky rock fans who crammed into the hotel room at the Palms Hotel & Casino for a ninety-minute performance by Foo Fighters.

The Foos held down two suites on the twenty-sixth floor. One was full of alcohol, and custom Foo Fighters beer bongs. The other they turned into a hot, sweaty pit for guest appearances by Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley, Jesse Hughes and Brian O’Connor of Eagles of Death Metal, guitarist Pat Smear, Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister and metal gods Mastodon.

The Foos kicked off the set with classics like “Everlong,” “Best of You” and “All My Life,” before Cee-Lo stepped in for a rocked-out rendition of Prince’s “Darling Nikki,” (”Let’s make this sexy,” Cee-Lo said) and a soulful take on the Queens’ new classic, “I Wanna Make It Wit Chu,” featuring Grohl on drums. Mastodon smoked out “Colony of Birchman” at an ear-shattering volume, then Lemmy hopped onstage for the Probot jam “Shake Your Blood.”

I love this man

May I point out this is 2000 and fucking 7? Good LORD. Good for you, Mos Def. This is complete bullshit. (And I wouldn't consider a noose a "racial slur," but more an out-and-out threat)

Mos Def has written an open letter seeking support for six black students who face serious charges resulting from an attack on a white schoolmate in Louisiana. Def is asking "African-Americans of influence, and all concerned parties" to join him the "fight against racial inequality and show solidarity for these young people, who are being treated very harshly by the law".

The 'Jena Six' were arrested after beating up a white fellow high-school student after the student reportedly taunted them with racial slurs. They were originally charged with attempted second-degree murder but following protests from civil rights advocates, some of the charges were reduced.

Charges against Carwin Jones, Mychael Bell and Theo Shaw were reduced to aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy. Bell has already had his trial, was found guilty, and will be sentenced on September 20, the day
Mos Def will attend the rally. Robert Bailey Jr. and Bryant Purvis are still facing attempted murder charges, while the sixth student, an unidentified juvenile, faces undisclosed juvenile charges.

The beating happened after a black student sat under a particular tree in the school grounds in Jena, Louisiana, where white students traditionally sit. After the student sat there, three nooses were hung from the tree and the students accused of hanging the nooses were suspended from school.

I love my Google alerts

Why? I found these stills from the 'Shoot The Runner' video from one......

Sunday, September 09, 2007


set of collaborators that Kano has on his new album- Damo and my girl, Kate Nash.
On his debut album, Kano relied on support from a small number of close associates, but for the follow-up he has spread his net far wider. Craig David and Lemar croon soulfully, while the dancehall star Vybz Kartel adds his particular brand of earthiness. Most eye-catching of all is the appearance of Damon Albarn on the lolloping "Feel Free", the chorus augmented by kids from Kano's old school. Not that the artist planned it that way. In fact, he started recording the album without his label's knowledge, laying down a handful of tracks to show how he wished to progress. "I did it that way because you get too many people telling you how a track needs to go. I made a lot of tracks without anyone on them, apart from session singers or my producer, but I wanted to hear somebody different, so I got in Vybz Kartel and that went well. I don't normally like collaborations, because it's more hassle, with too many preconditions."


Although fellow British rapper Lethal B has released Back To Biznizz, with a guest appearance from Kate Nash, Kano is adamant that he discovered the singer-songwriter first. Last November, the rapper wrote lyrics for a girl to sing on "Me & My Microphone". He asked his producer to find someone in the mould of Lily Allen, so the producer trawled the solo star's MySpace page for female performers, from which Kano plumped for Nash. After the live clampdown drove black artists back underground, they have set up shop on the social networking site and use it to make contacts or publicise their work.

"Fraser was a bit scared of contacting her at first," Kano remembers with a chuckle. "He thought so many people must contact her saying, 'I'm a producer', but she came down and did her stuff."

The forthcoming single, "This Is The Girl", shows yet another side to this versatile performer. With its strident strings sample, plus Craig David on hand to provide a melodic counterpoint to Kano's rap, he has created an R'*'B/garage hybrid that has been tearing up dancefloors for weeks. "I'd been talking to Craig for a while. I like R'*'B and I like working with different people that do what I can't and bring in their thing."