Saturday, June 07, 2008


Escape?, originally uploaded by matt p.

Freaky Wakeboarding

Bless Bez, I cannot stop giggling.

My day

In chronological order-

1. Left to go set up a wedding in a tiny town 8 miles to the west of Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop. Notice the sky looks quite ominous. Clouds were a very weird color. Look at the temperature. 86 degrees outside.

2. Get 5 miles out. The sky opens up, and it starts raining cats, dogs, lions, tigers and bears, OH MY! And the odd rhinoceros.

3. Call Mom at the shop to ask if there are any warnings regarding the weather. She didn't think there were any. Look at the temp. 80 degrees.

4. Get to the wee country church. It is now raining the aforementioned animals, plus elephants, wombats and badgers. Sprint in to the church to set up, rather difficult in flip flops. By the time I make it into church, I look like I've taken a lengthy shower with my clothes on. 75 degrees.

5. Drive two blocks to reception site. Add giraffes, monkeys and emus to the list of animals. All the venue's doors are locked.


6. Successfully find one unlocked door. I set everything up, and headed back to town, stopping at the grocery store on my way home. The storm that I set up in? Produced tornadoes all over, including one riiiiiiight by my house. No damage, though.

7. Get home. Decide that since I'm already soggy and disgusting, I might as well be sweaty, too.

(I lost my mind and signed up for this earlier in the week. As am hopeless slackass, the training regimen that my marathon-running sister put me on is KILLING ME DEAD).

8. Today is a 3 mile excursion. Get to 1.5 mile marker. Am joyous. Full of pride. I *can* do this.

9. Look up at sky. See sheets of rain beginning to fall about a mile away.


Take off at a dead sprint. Okay, a spastic jog. Terrified walk? Make it to within a half mile of house. Starts raining the giraffes, monkeys and emus-variety of rain.

10. Arrive at house, nearly puking, soaking wet and mildly traumatized by the thunder and lightning. I looked REAL cute.

On a much lighter note, this is the "bar" at the reception. Yes, those are cases of beer. 4 varieties, actually.

Friday, June 06, 2008

My favorite Pauls

Smith and Weller.

JW: It's your 21st album; there are 21 tracks on it. So why's it called 22 Dreams?
PW: You have to hold one back for yourself. You can't give them all away.
PS [misty-eyed]: That's lovely.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random ten

1. Lucky Lisp- Morrissey
2. What Became Of The Likely Lads (EP version)- The Libertines
3. There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake- Biffy Clyro
4. Beat Connection- LCD Soundsystem
5. Warwick Avenue- Duffy
6. Dirrty- Christina Aguilera
7. Born To Be My Baby- Bon Jovi
8. Act Naturally- The Beatles
9. Da Doo Ron Ron- The Donnas
10. Just A Girl- No Doubt

11. Away From Here- The Enemy
12. The Show- Girls Aloud

Holy Mary

Look at the arrangement Karl Lagerfeld sent to Yves Saint Laurent's funeral. My GOD. Gorgeous. All the orchids...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'd like to ask

if this pup, Nicky, the Wire Fox Terrier-

is named after this Nicky Wire*-

but am afraid of being laughed at. C'est la vie.

*though the puppy is lacking eyeliner, miniskirt and a feather boa, bless.

That's a whole lotta

skinny white English boy...

Noel Mighty Boosh and Serge Kasabian at the Soccer Six match.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


EARLIER this year, over on, feathercuts were ruffled over Girls Aloud’s B-side to Can’t Speak French, called Hoxton Heroes, in which the Prefab Five criticised scene-chasing indie bands.

The thing is – as arbiters of pop, Popjustice noted - the whore ‘furore’ might have had more meaning had Girls Aloud not already been embraced by the Camden set. But ever since a surf-guitar unexpectedly heralded their debut single, Sound of the Underground, they’ve garnered praise from people who would usually shun a manufactured group: both the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand worship the ground that the seemingly perma-sozzled Sarah Harding has just thrown up on.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Am highly amused

The last two songs played on the soundsystem at the NHL finals

'I Believe In A Thing Called Love'- The Darkness

'Living On A Prayer'- Bon Jovi

All hair, all the time...

Yet another wedding

This one from last weekend-

Bride's bouquet- Gerbera daisies (mini and full-size), Stargazer lilies, Peonies, Dendrobium orchids, roses, mini Calla lilies, Trichillium and Plumosa.

Bridesmaid bouquet

Centerpieces at the (outdoor) reception, held at the resturant that the couple met at.


View from the reception

Today in "random"

I was minding my own business, perusing the clearance rack at the local Target, when I felt a sharp pain in my calf.

I looked down, and saw a little boy running away.

That's right, the little fucker came up to me- a complete stranger, mind- and kicked me in the leg. It really fucking hurt.

You might wonder, what was the reaction of his mom, chatting away on her mobile?

"Well, I should be going. He just kicked someone."

I shit you not, that's what she actually said.

I guess this is shaping up to be an assaulted-by-small-children-type of week.

Ooooo, snap!

It may have seemed like an unusual artistic union: Prince covering Radiohead's angst-ridden classic Creep. But when fans, including Radiohead, flocked to YouTube for a glimpse of the Purple One's unique rendition of the song, they found the video, recorded by a fan at a music festival in California, had been taken down at the behest of Prince's litigious record label.


Last year Prince threatened to sue thousands of his fans for breach of copyright, forcing three fansites to remove all images, lyrics, and album covers. The artist, who once temporarily changed his name to a symbol, is believed to take a close interest in the use of his image, monitoring websites using his music.

Radiohead released their last album, In Rainbows, as a digital download, allowing fans to pay as much as they thought it worth. The Prince video, filmed by fans at the Coachella Valley festival in Indio,
California on April 26, was last night reposted on YouTube.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

R.I.P. Mr. St. Laurent

For fellow-designer Christian Lacroix, the reason for Saint Laurent's success was his astonishing versatility. There had, Lacroix said, been other great designers but none with the same range.

"Chanel, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga and Dior all did extraordinary things. But they worked within a particular style," he explained. "Yves Saint Laurent is much more versatile, like a combination of all of them. I sometimes think he's got the form of Chanel with the opulence of Dior and the wit of Schiaparelli."

Things I love about this clip

1. Petey looks like he's recently bathed
2. Mik is as comfortingly stoic as usual
3. Cutie Pie's Adam's all-arms drumming technique. And perfect posture.
4. Drewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Upright bass. *purrs*