Friday, May 05, 2006

Keith. My man.

Hon, just because the tree is there, doesn't mean you need to climb it in order to prove it exists. I don't care what that Ronnie says....

Thursday, May 04, 2006


I tend to be, shall we say, a bit obsessive. And right now, I'm completely and utterly obsessed with bands from the Greater Manchester, England metro area. I mean, ALL bands. You name one, I have recently purchased an item from their back or current musical catalog. Or bought one of those incredible Brit rock mags analyzing every detail of their work, personal life, substance use issues/preferences.

The Smiths? Heaven knows I'm not miserable now. Stone Roses? I wanna be adoring them! Happy Mondays? Step right on, man! Joy Division/New Order? No blue Monday here! Oasis? I'm mad fer it, me!

See? Rather pathetic isn't it? And the really bad part is, I talk about my bands so much that I can drop references into conversations with my family/friends/co-workers-about say, Bez from the Mondays, or my slight crushes on Johnny Marr, Mani or Hooky, or my deep and abiding love for Noel Gallagher- and they ARE AWARE that these individuals not only exist, but probably could name a few legal issues experienced, songs written, famous concerts attended/given by previously mentioned persons. .

People, this is SE Iowa. "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" is a hip tune for most residents in this neck of the woods. And as a result of my compulsive self, my 50 year-old mom (who loves Eric Clapton's solo work and the Eagles- not judging, just a fact) could tell you why the Sex Pistols concert at Manchester Free Trade Hall was important. And some of the bands that resulted from that concert. And sadly, probably that the original name of Joy Division was the Stiff Kittens. And who Martin Hannett was.

The previous items show me several things-

1. I really need a career change
2. May possibly need to get a life
3. I CAN influence people. Not so sure about winning friends, though

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Anglomania, continued

But I forgot Victoria Beckham! Doesn't she look great? Loving the shoes! Glad you didn't bust out the chaps tonight, Posh!

Sky News picture

Met Anglomania Gala

I am gonna die. Look at Kate's outfit. The skinny leather pants,the jacket, the hair, the smoky eye, the pale lip. I bow down before the Queen. Though not McQueen..... at least at this moment.

Compare with:
I have no idea what posessed Sarah Jessica Parker to don this travesty. I know it's McQueen. I GET McQueen. This, not so much. I think he was going for a Vivienne Westwood homage, only to have it go dreadfully wrong. Yeech.

*pictures from Sky News


No more Footballers Wives! AARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHH! No more thinly-disguised versions of Coleen McLoughlin (Wayne Rooney, Man U) and Posh Beckham? Repeat, argh!

They can't take my Tanya Turner away! I mean, look at her, standing between her fat football-managing husband, Frank, whom she eventually kills with a combo of Viagra and cocaine and her swings-both-ways lovah, Conrad! And even wearing the same dress as Conrad's former Bollywood star wife, Amber, and the fact that she once slept with Hazel, the chick in the red hat, does not appear to bother her in the slightest.

What will I do for my bleached-blonde, coke-addicted, manipulative wench fix?

I have not adored a TV character like this since Sydney Bristow on Alias, who thanks to freaking ABC, is ALSO being cruelly wrenched from me. And don't even get me started on Mr. Sark, the ever-so-delightfully evil British! accented spy on Alias.... Sob. No more possibility for Sarkney action? I am bereft.

Damn you, Footballers Wives, damn you!!!!! Also, damn you, ABC, damn you, too!

*Piccie from

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Songs Currently On Heavy Rotation

1. Tart, Tart- Happy Mondays
2. Jailbird- Primal Scream
3. Cruel To Be Kind- Nick Lowe
4. She's Tight- Cheap Trick
5. Badge- Cream
6. Had Me A Real Good Time- Faces
7. Not Ready To Make Nice- Dixie Chicks
8. Rockin' In the Free World- Neil Young
9. Higher Ground- Stevie Wonder
10. This Is The One- Stone Roses

Slip Away- Clarence Carter
Man In the Cornershop- The Jam

Monday, May 01, 2006

I suppose....

that even if I lined up for tickets, say, now, I still wouldn't stand a chance of actually obtaining tickets to Glastonbury 2007.