Friday, August 21, 2009

If wishes were horses....

The Hills' Spencer Pratt Wants to Be the Next Brad Pitt

On a related note, I want to put everyone who irritates me on a rocket to the sun, which is also not going to happen.

Though Spedi would be on said rocket if it did...

Things that frighten me for $1000, Alex

At work, Mom has started putting my iPod on the Weller/Style Council/Jam playlist. A LOT.

This is why

I adore The Wire- he's just a big cross-dressing fanboy...

Nicky Wire, Manic Street Preachers

Patience, Take That

This is not an ironic choice. It's the greatest comeback single in history. If Neil Young had written it, people would be calling it a masterpiece. I've always liked Take That, too. They looked so brilliant back in the day and did everything right, but this is something else. It's got such a dark lyric: "My heart is numb, has no feeling/ So while I'm healing/ Just try and have a little patience". There's also a maturity about it that suits the boys all grown-up. Gary Barlow is a genius; I won't have anyone argue against him. When Alex Turner slagged off Take That at the 2006 Q awards for getting an award, I nearly lost it. James [Dean Bradfield from the Manics] was grabbing me by the arm, saying: "Don't lose it, Nicky." You get so many alternative bands banging on about how to make perfect pop, and this kicks all their arses.

ShockHorror/ Don't Look Back In Anger- The View

Live at Koko in Camdentown, LDN... Wee Kyle's voice is just astonishing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

'Where Did All the Love Go?'- Kasabian

Great track, fantastic album. And Serge has eyeliner on, bless.

Oh my

'Cocksucker Blues' finally, um, leaked, online...

The Rolling Stones'banned documentary 'Cocksucker Blues' has appeared online.

The film, commissioned by the band for their 1972 US tour to be covered by photographer Robert Frank, was banned by the band due to its content, which included drug taking and various other rock 'n' roll antics.

Tee hee

A song about handjobs on the critical 3rd album. God, I love young Master Turner.

On an unrelated note, am completely disturbed that not only does Cookie now have a beard, he's no longer as darlin' as he used to be.

There are many avenues open to Turner, but perhaps the one you would least expect him to take is to start writing songs about his penis. And yet, here he is, opening Humbug with My Propeller, on which he spends three and a half minutes using a string of aviation metaphors in what appears to be a protracted attempt to convince someone to – and let's not be needlessly bashful here – wank him off. "I can't get it started on my own," he leers. "'Ave a spin of my propeller."

Random ten

After a crazy summer, I'm back...

*shakes the iPod*

1. The Masses Against the Classes- Manic Street Preachers
2. Fell in Love With a Boy- Joss Stone
3. Eastbound and Down- Jerry Reed
4. The Delaney- The Libertines
5. Jesus Walks- Kanye West
6. Sunshowers- M.I.A.
7. Underneath the Sky- Oasis
8. Run- Leona Lewis
9. Vacation- The Go-Go's
10. Vlad the Impaler- Kasabian

11. Fire Woman- The Cult
12. Highway To Hell- AC/DC