Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Songs I have listened to more than 10 times in the past week

An explanation:

My current job involves delivering arrangements for my mom's flower shop. Not a bad gig, doesn't pay crap, but after teaching in an inner-city school for the past 4 years, I could use a break. Though it is kind of a pain, dodging tractors and combines on a 2-lane highway (harvest time). Soooo, I have lots of time to listen to music. The following are songs that I have listened to way too often in the past week or so.

1. Town Called Malice- The Jam
2. DARE- Gorillaz
3. She Bangs the Drums- The Stone Roses
4. Push the Button- Sugababes
5. Waterloo Sunset- The Kinks
6. Buffalo Soldier- Bob Marley
7. Do You Want To?- Franz Ferdinand
8. Country House- Blur
9. Rock Steady- Aretha Franklin
10. This Charming Man- The Smiths
11. Acquiesce- Oasis
12. Twist- Goldfrapp
13. Step On- Happy Mondays
14. Since You've Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
15. We Used to Be Friends- The Dandy Warhols

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