Sunday, January 01, 2006


In a town in Iowa, a long time ago, a young man named "Opie," declared upon the dawn of the new year, the next 365 days were going to be "The Year of the Opie." And indeed, it was. Boyfriend got busier with more (and cuter) girls than could have been reasonably expected in anyone's wildest dreams, and generally had a fantastic year. Boyfriend hit it with about a quarter of the female population of Ames. And so the trend began.

2005 was declared the "Year of the Casey." And, as it was said, it was. Girlfriend got into grad school, moved to a posh suburb of Chi-town, got a great job, and is now dating a dentist that likes karaoke (she does, too), and graduated from Harvard. In Massachusetts. Yes, that one.

As 2006 has been declared "The Year of the Jenny" by many friends, I have made the following resolutions for the next 364 days..... I will:

1. Get into grad school
2. Get a great job
3. Write something professionally
4. Get my sorry butt into shape
5. Move to my spiritual home, the United Kingdom. Probably Manchester, as I am completely obsessed with bands from that city. Joy Division/New Order, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Oasis, et al....
6. Meet Noel Gallagher, who will instantly leave his girlfriend, marry me, and ensconce me into the life that I would very much like to become accustomed to, and raise loud-mouthed children (ours) together, whilst becoming a fashion icon and renowned wit. Marianne Faithfull, though without the heroin. Anita Pallenburg, again, without the heroin. And I'd be married to the funniest man in the world. Seriously, read an interview with the man. He's hysterical.
7. Tell my snooty twit of a sister to get bent. Eight ways from Sunday. And she will.

Just thought I'd let you know, what is about to happen. Power of positive thinking and all that.

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