Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I suppose this means....

Bono is never going to shut his yap. Good deeds, ya ya ya.

That being said, loved the Gorillaz feat. DeLaSoul, tribute to NOLA, Kayne and Jamie and Christina and Herbie Hancock's performances. And Sly's coat. And Mohawk. And the way that I teared up when he stepped onstage for 5 seconds.


Ned in Bern said...

Hello Cygirl,
Very funny post at HuffPo, I can just hear it. Interesting blog too, but you have almost no comments, so I am posting one, and I never post, normally, I just read.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, I meant to say firedoglake blog, sorry. I am in the blogosphere for too long.

cygirl said...

Thanks, Ned. This blog is just for fun, so any positive comments are appreciated:)

Ned in Bern said...

Hello Cygirl,
What can you tell me about Iowa that would negate my prejudice about that state as boring, conservative and suffacating. Due to ignorance of course, but there must be something you know that I dont know.
True, a fun post indeed.