Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I am sitting here

silently weeping. There exists, a special 2-DVD edition of '24 Hour Party People.' Which includes:

... a subtitle trivia track which you can let run throughout the film. All the songs and mix details are provided for the music that's played, plus their chart positions upon release. There are also some snippets about the popular culture of the time.


Jon Ronson chats about Shaun Ryder and Ian Brown as being perfect popstars: "talented, grumpy, messianic, and monosyllabic".

The Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder and Bez provide their jittery take on the Factory Records days (Shaun is infinitely better when he's chatting with a fag in his hand). Both only have good things to say about Tony Wilson.

I am actually crying right now. Ooo, this could get expensive....

And it's not just me! James "The Man" Wolcott name-checked 'Party People' today. So there!

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