Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My new snark idol

Meet Zoe Williams.

So sad. I have a sudden surge of sympathy for the man. He said at the time, "I'm lucky to have found a good woman who is strong like Linda". He went on and on, actually, about how "good" Heather Mills was, which always sounded a bit morally self-regarding, as if the more often you assert the goodness of another person, out loud, the more you ram home your own qualifications as an arbiter of such things. Oh, I've changed my mind again. Maybe he is an ass, after all.

Anyway, they announced their engagement really quite soon, which is when it was reported that Paul and Linda's three children - Stella, Mary and James - disliked Heather. This is uncharacteristic of Stella, particularly, since whenever you see a picture of her, anywhere at all, she is always holding hands with somebody. She absolutely loves humanity! She wants to hold its ha-a-aa-a-and.

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