Monday, June 12, 2006


Political Affairs aside, Rolling Stone magazine has peaked, in my opinion. I swear, they look at issues of New Musical Express (U.K. music mag) from 6 months previous, then pick whom they're going to hype as a potentially interesting band.

Case in point- I've been reading about BYOP for at least a year in NME. Seriously. Their lead singer, Jemima, barfed while on stage at Glastonbury 2005, wiped it up with a towel, then threw the towel into the audience. Again, seriously.

I haven't heard any of their stuff (Be Your Own Pet). I know they're from Nashville, and y'all know I really don't 'do' bands that aren't from the north of England. Except for The Killers. And Neil Young. And the Dixie Chicks. And Gnarls Barkley.

Just ignore me. I'll dither in the corner, alone with my incomplete and grammatically incorrect sentences.

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