Monday, June 26, 2006

Singletons or not

My friends and I? Are Bridget Jones... The following is from one of my dear married but not-smug married friends-

Today I have eaten four small blueberry pancakes with bacon and a very small portion of eggs (because I have to put on brave face for the kids), a large slice of pizza, two large tumblers of water, half a bag of red hots, 2 slices of cheese toast, and now I am working my way through a bag of flavor blasted goldfish (xtreme cheddar).
This is the reason I should not be left alone in the house by myself with only school work to do.

Response from me-

That's hysterical. I'll write more later, but as I'm EXTREMELY hungover/still drunk, I'm not thinking you want me to write anymore. At this time. Also, the cat is tapdancing on the keyboard.
love from,


Ps- It was Peppermint Patty's brother's wedding yesterday. Spent most of the night lusting after a whippersnapper. No, his name was not Gav.

PSS- you would think that I would know enough to not mix Bud Light and Vodka. You would be wrong.

Something obviously failed us at some point. Developmentally, grammatically, ecumenically.*

*With nods to the Captain, my Captain, Jack Sparrow.


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