Sunday, July 16, 2006

Burton and The Killers?

Interesting..... and in somewhat related news, Anton Corbijn, who directed the U.S. video for "All These Things (That I Have Done)," has started filming Control, about the life of Ian Curtis (Joy Division).

From MEN-

FILMING is under way on the movie biopic of Ian Curtis, the enigmatic lead singer of legendary band Joy Division.

On Monday cast and crew descended on Macclesfield, the town where Ian lived before ending his life in 1980 aged just 23.

The film, Control, stars newcomer Sam Riley as the troubled frontman, while Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton plays his wife Deborah Curtis.

It is largely based on the book Touching From A Distance, Deborah's personal account of her life with Ian.

And Deborah, alongside Factory Records boss Tony Wilson who originally signed Joy Division, will be co-producers on the film.



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