Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chavs on a bus

The following post from NME's V Festival blog made me spit pop out my nose. Okay, wine, but it's still freaking funny.

Get Sammy L Jackson on the blower, we've come up with a hit! It's the surefire zillion-dollar sequel to Snakes On A Plane - Chavs On A Bus! An edge-of-your-seat shock thriller telling the story of an intrepid rock journalist who innocently boards a shuttle bus from Chelmsford station to the V festival site only to look around him and... CHAVS! Fucking shitloads of them! And there's no escape! "Awright mate, wanna laaaager? Who's this Kasabrian then, they a bit like Keane or what? Waaaaaagh wankaaaaaahhh!" Does our hero survive to watch Art Brut skipping with microphone leads and giving the crowd lengthy motivational therapy speeches? Um, yes, he does.

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