Saturday, September 02, 2006


If you worked part-time, at any job, and kept getting your hours cut, despite needing them, would you try and pull the following (keep in mind, you're working that particular day with the owner's daughter):

1. Leave to get lunch at a local bank's customer appreciation day. The bank? 3-4 blocks away.
2. Come back a half an hour later with take-out lunches from the bank.
3. Eat leisurely.
4. When the OK (owner's kid) says, "Wow, was the line long?" reply, "No, it was only about 5 minutes."

This poses the question, exactly how stupid do they think I am? Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER 25 MINUTES, YOU MORONIC HEIFER????

Would you attempt this? I'm not thinking I'm that brave. And it's a good thing she's so dense, as she's likely unaware that the OK is about to go medieval on her dumb ass.

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