Friday, January 05, 2007


Caveat before story-

We are doing an absolutely ginormous wedding this weekend (50+ reception pieces) and a bridal fair, too. So this story might not actually be THAT funny, I just might be mildly hysterical.

My mom and dad are going on vacation at the end of the month to the Dominican Republic. They are very excited, and as upper Midwesterners of German and Swedish descent, a bit concerned about frying up
in the tropical sun like a piece of chicken. So, Mom has started tanning- yes, I know it's terrible, but so is getting 3rd degree burns because you are so very chalk-white.

We were working on the flowers for the aforementioned wedding today when Dad came into the shop. He went over to the sink where Mom was conditioning flowers, and asked her, "What are we doing about tanning?" Meaning, he decided he needed to tan.

To truly get how hysterical this is, you need to know that my dad is a tall, skinny man who drives a cement truck for a living. Tanning. Hee hee.

But, the story's not over yet. Our friend, who is a state trooper, came in shortly after hilarity ensued, and joined the discussion. Dad said, "How do you, uh, know if things are getting burned?" Our trooper buddy responded, "Well, if you smell burning hot dogs, get out of the tanning bed."

I just cried.

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