Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This is why I read ABB

Angry Black Bitch, y'all. And by the way, 'Scooter B' is our esteemed Preznit. I'm now off to download The Winner Takes It All.

The State of the Union as Interpreted through the music of ABBA

Scooter B.’s Thoughts While Giving the State of the Interpreted through the music of ABBA The Winner Takes It All

Actual Transcript

Note Yes, black people know about ABBA...for the love of all that is Swedish!

I don't wanna talk
About the things we've gone through (like my cowboy diplomacy and refusal to negotiate)

Though it's hurting me (more than you a paper cut dipped in acid)

Now it's history

I've played all my cards (I’m no good at poker, but someone needs to take a gander at Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare)

And that's what you've done too

Nothing more to say

No more ace to play (okay…I know…it’s called a veto)

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