Friday, June 22, 2007

Don't mind me

I'll just be over in the corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth, weeping gently...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Thomas looks good! (yes, I know he's a total spaz. But oh so pretty....)

When Noel Gallagher first heard Kasabian, his interest was naturally piqued by their junior-Oasis gobbiness. "I wanted to hear whether they had anything to back it up," he recalled to NME. "Then I heard one of their tunes, and I was like: 'What's he saying there? Is he actually saying 'Oosh!? That's top, that is."

Tonight, Kasabian were oosh-ing all over the place. They were ooshtastic. They're the band who run their ship like a rock'n'roll aerobics class, Tom the thin-trousered instructor, exhorting the hordes to ever-greater heights of merriment.

They've become an essential festival band because they make you pay attention: for the first time, the Pyramid Stage seems entirely taken-up. Tom, Serge and the other ones bring new meaning to the term 'enormous juggernaut hunkering over music like a spaceship poised to destroy the earth'.

Good or bad (and 'The Doberman' is as flat as ever), it's enormous, and absolutely demands your attention.

Across the field, the banners are fluttering, the punters are jiving, and as Tom curls his bicep, makes a fist and thrusts it forward, one word is on his lips: 'Ooosh!'

Best Song: 'LSF', complete with row-row-your-boat-style partitioning of the crowd.

Best Moment: The 375th time that Tom reiterates that 'you fookers' of Glastonbury are 'fookin amazing'

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