Sunday, June 10, 2007

The NME is trying to kill me

part of an ongoing series-

They march onstage like they own the field and Muse should be sodding grateful to them for letting them go on last. They've got all the "are you having a good time PLACE NAME?" stadium patter down pat. They have a massive gong. They are Kasabian and a passing punter might think they're the headliners. Tom Meighan has certainly perfected the Liam swagger and the tunes are simply massive from an opening 'Shoot The Runner' through the Serge-sung classic 'Me Plus One' and the horn blasted Big Ballad 'The Doberman', right up to a storming 'LSF' that has the crowd chanting the 'la-la-la' bits right up until Muse. They bang a gong and, fittingly, they get it on.

Best Song: 'Me Plus One'
Best Moment: Tom: "this one's called 'Processed...'! (Checks setlist) Um, '...Beats'!

Update- OH, HELL YES! YouTube is the best!

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Fat Albert said...

KASABIAN. NME has such a way of inciting fans into a frenzy with their style of writing.