Friday, June 29, 2007

The things I do for friends

My girl, Jen, and my best friend since forever, Traci, have their 15th class reunion tomorrow. God, they are some old beeotches! Hee. Because I am soooo much younger. 345 days younger in Trace's case....

But I digress.

Obviously, they've both lost their respective minds, because they asked me to make a late 80's-early 90's mix CD for tomorrow's festivities, and since I love making them, I said yes.

Jen, being a FUN HATER, told me that under no circumstances was I to include The Mondays, Primal Scream or The Smiths even though they are in the correct time frame. I had no idea that this would make the creating of aforementioned CD actually PHYSICALLY painful for me.

This is the playlist (in case you care, which is doubtful)-

1. Just Can't Get Enough- Depeche Mode
2. Surrender- Cheap Trick
3. Don't Stop Believing- Journey
4. Gypsy Road- Cinderella
5. Temptation- New Order
6. Crazy Train- Ozzy
7. Raspberry Beret- Prince
8. Fat-Bottomed Girls- Queen
9. Girlfriend In a Coma- The Smiths (hee hee)
10. Fallen Angel- Poison
11. Tempted- Squeeze
12. Part-Time Lover- Stevie Wonder
13. Hungry Like the Wolf- Duran Duran
14. She Bangs the Drums- The Stone Roses
15. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye- Steam
16. Material Girl- Madge
17. Call On Me- Primal Scream (double hee hee)
18. Always On My Mind- Pet Shop Boys


Kazza said...

I knew there was no way you could do it without adding something devious! Hee hee

15th high school reunion? Shit, man, I'm on my 15th for college!!

Cygirl said...

The second CD is even better...

Snuck more Roses, Shirley Bassey (we sang 'Big Spender' in our girls choir in HS)