Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Um, yeah!

Hello, foresight! (the last bit- though the part about going to Mani's den of iniquity is hilarious)

You could be forgiven for assuming that in Pete Doherty's case, 'career' is just a verb, but The View have the Professional Unprofessional to thank for kickstarting theirs. In 2005, industrious bassist Kieren Webster dug out the thermals and camped out ahead of a Babyshambles gig in hometown Dundee, and thrust a homemade demo tape into his idol's clammy hands.

As if they'd slipped Lady Luck a fiver, after listening, Doherty was both impressed and lucid enough to offer the band a support slot for that evening's gig. Not only that, he recommended The View to James Endeacott - the man who discovered The Libertines and A&R'd The Strokes - who signed the emaciated scruffs to his
fledgling 1965 label.

In fact, drummer Steven Morrison was even the subject of much police - not to mention press attention - when he was caught beetling down a one-way street in a car with... oh, who else? Yes, you've guessed it: poodle-haired Welsh bellower Bonnie Tyler! (Oh, OK: it was Messer Doherty, but it's all a bit predicable, non?)


There's no denying The View, currently number three in the charts with their single, Same Jeans, have crammed more into their two-year existence than most bands accomplish in their entire career. They've supported the likes of The Kooks and Primal Scream ("the best band in Britain. We went to Mani's house!"), as well as earning plaudits from Oasis.

By this time next year, expect them to have slayed Glastonbury, become
the Oasis for the MySpace Generation and generally done everything except being
caught in a compromising position with Bonnie Tyler.

The lads are on the Pyramid Stage at Glasto. Pretty damned good prediction, MEN......

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