Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh, MY

Kazza, you're right. That shirt IS a great moment in Thomas. But you neglected to mention appearances by Carlito, Stanley, My Beloved Noel and The Fratellis in this video. I may have to retreat to my fainting couch. Or bed, as it's a bit late. Whatevs....


Kazza said...

Oh oops! I actually had every intention of mentioning them when I sent you the email but then it was almost as if someone cast a memory spell on me once Kasabian came on.

I kinda forgot about everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Unannounced Stan and Caaaarrrloooos nearly killed me, and Noel nearly finished the job, but whatever.

Kidding. Yay all my boys in one place, most likely tripping their tits off!