Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I like this girl

Ms. Remi Nicole has some great taste in music.

Stronger Than Me, Amy Winehouse
This song still gets me every time I hear it. I know Back to Black is the album everyone goes on about and I do love it, but I also think her first album Frank (from which this song is taken) is great. I might even prefer it because I was so blown away when I heard it. Stronger Than Me is the song of hers that I identify with the most.

All Day and All Night, the Kinks
What I like about the Kinks is that they sound so much of their era, 60s beat kind of stuff, but it also sounds really modern and new. I guess that's maybe because they had a very distinctive sound which a lot of contemporary bands replicate, but it still doesn't sound overplayed. A definitive classic.

All You Need Is Love, the Beatles
Everyone knows the Beatles wrote great pop songs, but All You Need Is Love is typical of why they were so good. They can take this really simple, clear sentiment and make you feel it in a way that you hadn't thought of before. It's such a logical idea but it works.

A Message To You Rudy, the Specials
I know the lyrics are serious but they really just remind me of being a kid and being naughty and to literally stop messing around. I know I'll be listening to this song for a long time.

Got My Favourite, Jack Penate
I think Penate is a perfect example of what we now call modern day
pop music. I think he has the potential to be huge while still having a niche sound. In particular, his song Got My Favourite, which I think is about trainers, is across the board great: it's catchy, fun, clever.

Mardy Bum, Arctic Monkeys
This song has an amazing melody and it's so funny. As a girl, I know we can be real mardy bums. One of my friend's boyfriends used to sing this to her when she was annoyed, as I'm sure lots of boyfriends do. I like the way Turner's singing about trying to make someone smile when they've got a face on, we all know what that's like. They're a proper good bit of British talent are the Arctic Monkeys.

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