Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Ten

1. Willow Song- Doves
2. Meat Is Murder- The Smiths
3. Raspberry Beret- Prince & The Revolution
4. For Tomorrow- Blur
5. Levon- Elton John
6. Dirty Harry- Gorillaz
7. Filthy/Gorgeous- Scissor Sisters
8. For The Girl- The Fratellis
9. What A Waster- Adam Green
10. Middle Eastern Holiday- Hard-Fi

11. Lady Marmalade- LaBelle
12. Melt Your Heart- Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins


Kazza said...

Where's the embarrassingly titled Kasabian b-side of the week? Looks like you got let off easy!

Cygirl said...

Surely you jest! Our boys would never have songs with shit titles!