Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A bit of whining here

I'm sick. Sinus infection. Ick. As I'm usually ridiculously healthy, when I get sick- bad things happen. Very bad things.

-being unable to walk up a flight of stairs without taking a little rest

-sleeping 19 hours a day

-only eating Jello snack packs because nothing else tastes good and rediscovering that the reason that I don't eat snack packs is because my cat, Holden, loves them. So, trying to eat when one is sick and fending off a persistent Persian? Not fun.

-Icky things. Seriously, am not going to go there. But take my advice, try to never throw up when you've just taken a hit of NyQuil. For real. DON'T.

Hmmmm, the couch is calling. Must get my 14 hours of beauty sleep.......

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