Sunday, October 14, 2007

Peter and Macca

Sir Paul: Like me being a bass player. Which now I'm very proud of, it's my role and I'm happy with it. But at first it was the loser role in the group. It's usually the fat guy who stands at the back. So I was a bit unhappy when I got that job, I wanted to be up front with the guitar. But I had such a crappy little guitar, a Rosetti Lucky 7, and it was cheap. My Dad was very against the never-never hire purchase, and was like, 'Pay your way, lad. Never be under an obligation to anyone.' Which was good advice. But the others - John's Auntie Mimi and George's Dad - didn't have that problem - so they would get their guitars. I had this crappy thing which was really just a piece of wood with a pick-up on it. It looked quite glamorous, but we took it over to Hamburg and I think someone smashed it - like early Pete Townshend. Fuck!

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