Thursday, December 13, 2007

For no reason

and with no logic whatsoever, my favorite singers of all time, and of the moment-

1. Aretha Franklin
2. Natalie Maines
3. Al Green
4. Pete Doherty
5. Beth Ditto
6. Wee Kyle Falconer


Kazza said...

Wow that's a good list to make. Hmmmmmm.....

1. Hank Williams
2. Exene Cervenka
3. Joe Strummer
4. My boyfriend Simon Neil
5. Michael D. Williams

Cygirl said...

Who is #5?

And let me state for the record, I think Beth and Natalie would sound AWESOME together.

Kazza said...


he's the fucking best screamer there ever was

Cygirl said...

Gotcha. Are they the ones that you've sent pictures of that actually frightened me?