Monday, January 07, 2008


This is an arrangement I did for a wedding last weekend-(the unity candle bit*)-I used white Oriental lillies, red roses, salal leaves, Dendrobiums and loops of bear grass. The bride wanted simple and sophisticated, but sparkly, so we weren't afraid of the spray glitter.

and this is the absolutely gorg bouquet that Jen did for the bride- all Cymbidum and Dendrobium orchids, done in a bouquet holder.
We ran into a problem when she went to spray it with floral lock (to keep the flowers in the holder like they should be- kind of like superglue for bouquets)- we had at some point lost the straw for the adhesive. Thankfully, my dad kindly went and found a WD-40 straw for J, which worked like a charm.....

The bouquet was "hit" with silver spray glitter as well- really made the flowers pop at the 5PM candlelight ceremony.

*thank God or whomever, they didn't do the weird pouring sand thing....

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