Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Valentine's warm up

Next Thursday is Valentine's Day, arguably one of the biggest holidays at Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop. We start getting the fresh in tomorrow, and have already unpacked the vases. The cards are stamped, the help lined up- we're ready to go.

Something that (deeply) annoys me about my job- our local papers basically have us come up with the copy for our ads. Mom pays out the wazoo for the damn things, and I do the copy. Bastards.

Anyway, on Monday, we were trying to figure out wording for our big V-day ad campaign. My suggestions?

-"Let ______ help you buy a one-way ticket to nookie town."
-"At ___________, let us help you break off a piece of that."
-"______________. We'll make it possible for you to tap that ass."

For some reason, these were rejected. Mom's no fun.

Am currently preoccupied with making mixes for the week. Do you think 'Every Sperm Is Sacred' would be appropriate? How about 'Fuck Forever'? No?


Kazza said...

Next anniversary, you are so writing the copy for my card to my hubby. HA HA

Cygirl said...

You know I'll do it.

Kazza said...

I still want that Moz card. But I'm on a budget. You know, right after I bought the Mr. Potato Head issue of that magazine???